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2016 Masters Elite McMullen Mile

I am Joshua Perks, the founder of Roadkill Racing.  I live in Windham, NH with my wife Lisa, daughters Hazel and Rosaleen and our 3 cats Penny, Mr. Bear and Tygee.  I started road racing at the age of 9.  I ran for Arlington HS track and cross country in the late 80’s early 90’s.  I had a bit of a competitive layoff before running for Purchase College 2002-2004 starting when I was 28 years old.  I started Roadkill Racing in 2009 mostly because I wanted a fun singlet to race in and the team has since grown into a competitive force in Western NY’s racing scene. I am currently racing for the Central Mass Striders and have turned over management of the Roadkill Racing team to the dedicated members who live in the Rochester area. I remain desperately passionate about running as a competitive sport, and as always race for “Beer & Glory.”

Open PR’s Track  Roads
100M 12.75 5k 16:03
200M 27.xx 5 Miles 26:52
400M 57.05 10k 34:32
800M 2:06.84 15k 53:19
1500M 4:21 1/2 Marathon 1:15:51
1 Mile 4:29 25K 1:32:56
5000M 16:15 Marathon 2:41:11
3000M 9:15
10000M 33:49
Masters PR’s Track  Roads
100M 5k 16:14
200M 27.38 5 Miles 26:59
400M 57.05 10k 34:40
800M 2:15.5 15k
1500M 1/2 Marathon 1:16:20
1 Mile 4:39 25K
3000M Marathon 2:41:11

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  1. RKR (josh), congrats on getting your IP address. This is the first time I’ve actually been on your site; must of been too engrossed reading your posts in the RW forum to notice your site. Saw the McMullen mile video….great last lap! I’m not that serious of a runner, but it is really great to see people such as yourself, with an unadulterated passion for running (or anything else). Very inspirational. Best wishes on your up coming season.

    Fang Hsieh (shay)
    Saint Louis, MO

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