One Spring Foward 3 Steps Back

Starting Line


This post will be short and bitter.  Yesterday was the Fleetfeet Spring Foward 15k and the second race in the Rochester Runner of the Year series.  I had hoped to finish top 5 and to run about 5:45 pace on this fairly hilly course.  Neither of those things happened.

Running down the road

I finished 6th place over a minute behind the 5th place finisher, and ran 5:53 pace for a finishing time of 54:48.  Hopefully I get some good direction from my asthma/allergy specialist visit on Friday or the Flower City Half is going to be one long 13.1 miles.

Congrats to Chanse for running a great solo race and finishing 5th with a time of 53:32.  He told me that he thought I was right behind him the whole race, how nice if only it were true.

Full Results Here


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2 thoughts on “One Spring Foward 3 Steps Back

  1. At least you made up for this debacle with a fine showing at the ROC CITY CLASSIC!!!

    By the way, I find it interesting that Chanse ran the exact same time as I did from last year, with similar splits as well. It’s like we’re the same person!

  2. […] ran this race once before in 2012 and it didn’t as I had hoped.  This year went much better both in terms of my place and my time.  There was some solid […]

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