800m-2 mile track plan

800m-2 mile track plan

12 week training cycle for 800M through 2 Mile.*

Each week contains 2 workout days and one long run of at least 90 minutes.
Also recommended is 8×8 second hill sprints once a week, and 6×150 accelerator strides on 2 easy days a week.
All other days are 6-10 miles easy.

Tempo: 10K-Half Marathon Race Pace
Interval: 3000M-5000M Race Pace
Repetition: 1 Mile Race Pace
Hills: 5000M Effort

All rest is active recovery.  So typically a 2 minute rest will be 400m of jogging 60 seconds rest would be 200m jogging.

Week 1

1. 6×60 second hills with 3 minutes recovery

2. 5×1000 @Tempo with 1 minutes recovery

Week 2

1. 6×600 @interval with 90 second recovery

2. 3 mile Tempo
Week 3

1. 8×60 second hills with 3 minutes recovery

2. 3 mile Tempo

Week 4

1. 8×400 @rep with 2 minutes recovery

2. Race 1-5 miles or (1-2 mile time trial)

Week 5

1. 12×400 @ interval 60 seconds recovery

2. 5×800/400 continuous sets 800 @Tempo 400@rep no recovery

Week 6

1. 6×90 second hills with 3 minutes recovery

2. 12×200 @Rep minus 2-3 seconds with 2 minutes recovery

Week 7

1. 6×600 @Rep with 2 minutes recovery

2. Race 1-5 miles or (12×300 @rep with 1 minutes recovery)

Week 8

1. 12×400 @interval every 3rd @Rep with 1 minute recovery

2. 3 miles @tempo

Week 9

1. 8×90 seconds hills with 3 minutes recovery

2. 2(8×200) @Rep minus 2-3 seconds with 1 minutes recovery take 4 minutes between sets

Week 10

1. 4×800 @interval 1 minute recovery

2. 12×400 @Rep 2-3 minutes recovery

Week 11

1. 10×300 @ Rep full recovery

2. 6×400 @ goal mile pace 1 minute recovery 4×200 @ goal mile pace -3 seconds 1 minute recovery

Week 12

1. 4×400 @ mile pace minus 2-4 seconds full recovery (4 days before goal race)

2. Race Day!

*A quick note on training plans. These are a collection of workouts that have worked fairly well for me in the past. They assume a fairly high starting level of fitness, if you were searching the internet for “couch to 5k” training plans and found these I would suggest you keep looking. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Using any training plan carries certain risks and possibility of failure. All runs done by a professional runner on a closed course. Do not attempt at home. Not suitable for women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant. In certain rare instances these training plans can cause algophobia. If you already suffer from algophobia consult a shaman before beginning. Not available in all Vermont, and Ohio. Your results will vary.

4 thoughts on “800m-2 mile track plan

  1. 12×200 @Rep minus 2-3 seconds with 2 minutes recovery- What does the minus 2-3 seconds mean…?
    Also great job with the training plan it seems very solid. What would the recommeded mileage be with this 55-60? I was looking for a winter training plan with long runs as well, so what would you do for the pacing on a standard 12-15 mile long run.
    My times are 4:38 for the mile
    9:57 for the 3200
    16:33 5k if this helps with the long run pacing

    1. Noah,
      Sorry for the late response. The minus 2-3 seconds means 2 or 3 seconds faster than mile race pace. If you would run 200 meters in 35 seconds during a mile race then run the reps in 32-33 seconds.

  2. When I find it hard to motivate meslyf to get throughA hard workout I just think about how good it feelsWhen I completed my first triathlon and now howgreat it feels to better my times every time out. When theGoing is tough I dig a little deeper because I wantto be a winner whether it is finishing or winning. I also knowHow lucky I am to be able to workout for a living and thatPushes me on when in a little tired.

  3. went for the 13x400m with 1min rec ( 200m ) . strong one , the recover at 12km/h makes it harder . good legs turn over and good work on tiredness. thanks a lot for these training 😉

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