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Getting a bit faster

Just a quick update on my racing. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been racing very well this past year. I’ve been changing up my training a bit with the help of my dad and I’m starting to see some positive results. I still don’t feel like I’m where I should be, or could be but I’m getting their. I finally manged to get back under 17 minutes for 5k with a 16:48 at the Hartford Eversource 5k a few weekends ago. I was joined by Roadkill co-founder Michael Insler and his wife Karyn for a great weekend in CT.


Mike ran 16:25 one of his faster road 5k times ever and Karyn crushed her half marathon PR running 1:33:46. Most importantly we got free beer after the race and had a lot of fun, which is not something typically said after visiting Hartford.

I think I need a lawyer

I know I’m skinny. I’ve been skinny my whole life. What I didn’t know is that I have become the literal model for skinny runners on the internet. Dafuq? http://www.weightgainnetwork.com/weight-training-programs/ectomorph-workout.php http://www.mensxp.com/health/fitness/31278-stop-jogging-or-distance-running-if-you-want-to-be-in-the-best-shape-of-your-life.html http://farmerfitness.blogspot.com/2016/08/5-reasons-youre-not-losing-weight.html http://www.cardiotrek.ca/2016/01/exercise-addiction-induced-anorexia.html http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=169493743 http://reddingmarathon.blogspot.com/2010/09/on-how-runners-save-rest-of-you.html http://forums.sherdog.com/threads/sbbc-the-2015-canny-awards.3137017/page-46 http://www.whytefitness.ca/wp/2012/11/endurance-training-interferes-with-strength/ https://www.healthtap.com/user_questions/749826 Continue reading →

0SPF: A #TrailsRoc Story | Short Film

Take a few minutes out of your day and watch Ron Heerkens short film about the 0SPF Trail Half marathon. It is really the story of a group of dedicated runners sharing what they love with the rest of the running community. After watching the movie head over to #TrailsRoc and see what else Eric and his […] Continue reading →

Cultivating Competitiveness

Racing hurts. You can’t train away the pain. The more you train and the better shape you are in the faster you can run, but the level of discomfort doesn’t change very much. If anything, proper training lets you run in discomfort for longer periods of time. Racing your best means not only dealing with […] Continue reading →

Honest Reflection

I think of myself as a fairly introspective person. I am aware, however, that most people including myself have an inflated sense of self when it comes to those qualities we think are important. This is a roundabout way of saying– I’ve been deluding myself for about a year now. Last year at this time I […] Continue reading →

A Plug and a Brag!

On Sunday May 8th (Mother’s Day) I will be directing the 7th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle 5k and Kids 1 Mile Run. The Waddle raises money send kids to YMCA Camp Segowea, the most amazing place on Earth. For many readers of this blog, attending the Waddle might be a bit of a drive […] Continue reading →

Turkey Trotting with the Family

All 4 Perkses raced on Thanksgiving this year. Lisa and I ran the “5 mile” race, Hazel and Roo ran the 1 mile. For reasons known only to the race director all the starting locations were changed along with the race distances. The 5 mile has never been exactly 5 miles it was probably closer […] Continue reading →

Pulled a writing muscle.

Somehow I managed to pull and possibly tear my writing muscle when I moved to Boston. I hear the best way to repair it is to do a little bit of writing at a time until you feel strong enough to write a few pages in one go. Today I’ll start my rehab by posting a […] Continue reading →

There and back again (a runner’s tale)

I’m sure a great many of you have been holding your breath in eager anticipation. Desperate for news about your departed leader. Your long wait is finally over. I’ve been watching the kids, running and occasionally racing since I left Rochester back in July. This is shocking news I know. Who would have guessed that […] Continue reading →

9.344 Meters

I love the mile, but I don’t really trust the 1600. Let’s do a bit of math. If you run 1600 meters in 4 minutes 38 seconds you are running at a speed of 5.755 meters per second. It also means it takes .174 seconds to run 1 meter. The mile is 1609.344 meters long. If […] Continue reading →

Trails to Track and New Adventures

Some how it seemed appropriate that my last race in Rochester would be a trail race. 🎶Happy Trails🎶 and all that silliness. On Saturday July 18th I ran the 0 SPF Trail Half Marathon for the second year in a row. It once again was the USATF-Niagara Trail Championship race. Despite running slightly slower than last year […] Continue reading →

Know Your Racer: Carl Palmer

Mens Veterans Carl Palmer So when did I become so old to be called a ‘veteran?’ As with many runners, I claim I was a good soccer player ….  until it came time to start kicking with your left foot (say, 6th grade).  All I was really good at was hustling, I suppose.   I ran […] Continue reading →