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Columbus Marathon Report (Matt)

On October 16th, I put all of the months of training, the hundreds and thousands of mile of running, the countless hours pounding the roads and the trails since May, to the test.  While I have been running the Pete Glavin Cross Country races, and some other road races as well, the Columbus Marathon was […] Continue reading →

Two race reports for the price of one! (Matt)

Well folks, my goal race for the spring has come and gone.  On Thursday, May 12th, my wife Ashlie and I started driving down to Summerville, Georgia to run the aptly named Twisted Ankle Marathon, a grueling romp up and around a picturesque ridge in Northeastern Georgia.  Ashlie and I both ran the half marathon […] Continue reading →

Matt’s Flower City report

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a man of little wealth and questionable taste.  May 1st marked my first race as an official Roadkill Racing team member, albeit with a borrowed singlet.  I am training for a trail marathon on May 14th, so my running over the past few months […] Continue reading →