Matthew P.

Matthew P.


I’m a math/data geek who happens to be a triathlon nerd and runner. Unlike a lot of my other teammates I don’t have a history of running. So while I am a late bloomer to this sport I have fallen in love with it nonetheless. Historically I had years of a powerlifting with being very anti cardio, I decided make a switch when I finally tipped the scales at 225 (I am only 5’9″). While I was pretty strong I was getting pretty fat as well. Now I am a much healthier weight and feel much better as a result of this change in my lifestyle. Besides I need something to help offset all the delicious adult beverages I like to consume!

I started running in 2011 and picked up triathlons in 2013. One of the Roadkill members who happens to be a redhead likes to say I am a runner with a triathlete problem.

Although I race many triathlons, I often find myself in many road races in the beginning and end of each year. Racing for a team that supports my love of a fine brew only seemed right and because I am new to team Roadkill and looking to make everyone proud!

Once perk of being new to endurance racing is most of races end up PRs! Here are a few:

Mile – 5:12 (2013)
5K – 17:25 (2013)
5 Mile – 28:29 (2014)
Half-marathon – 1:18:25 (2014)
Marathon – 2:59:25 (2013)

Olympic​​ – 2:22:22 (2013)
70.3 – 4:25:48 (2014)

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