Runners, take your mark

Runners, take your mark

Can you smell it? Spring is in the air! Or at the very least the temperature no longer starts with a -.  That means it is time to lay out the Roadkill Racing schedule for the year.  The following are the races we are targeting as team events.  Some are USATF team events which required USATF-Niagara membership, while others are races Roadkill simply wishes to have a strong presence at even if there is no team scoring.

Spring 2014

March 15th- Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green (War Memorial Rochester, NY)

April 12th- Roc City Classic Track Meet (Nazareth College Rochester, NY)

May 18th- Lilac 10k USATF-Niagara 10k road championship (Highland Park Rochester, NY)

June 5th- McMullen Mile Rochester Runner of the Year (Nazareth College Rochester, NY)

Summer 2014

July 4th- Firecracker 5 Mile Rochester Runner of the Year (Fairport, NY)

August 2nd- Roadkill Scream at the Moon Beer Mile Invitational (Superduper Secert Location)

August 9th- Bergen Road Race USATF-Niagara 5k road championship (Hickory Park Bergen, NY)

Fall 2014

September 28th- XC Series USATF-Niagara 5k xc masters championship (TBD)

November 2nd- XC Series USATF-Niagara 8k xc open championship (TBD)

November 23rd- XC Series 10k series championship race and post race party (TBD)

Winter 2014

December 13th- XC 10k USATF National Club Championship (Bethlehem, PA)

December 27th- Holiday Classic Track Meet (RIT, Rochester, NY)



Updates from some Roadkill Racers

Updates from some Roadkill Racers

Just in case you don’t follow all the Roadkill Racer’s blogs here is what 3 of our runners have been up to lately.

The starting line was there somewhere
Freezeroo’s of yesteryear.

Your body knows more than you do (Kenny)

I’ve learned more and more over the years that training plans should be written in pencil (or at least a spreadsheet on a computer with a working “delete” key).  The body knows how it feels better than any words written on paper do.  This week was one of those weeks that solidified this a little more for me. Read more….

A slight change of plans (Matt)

I have decided to make a slight alteration to my spring plans.  Originally, I wanted to break 16:00 in the 5K this spring, and then enjoy a semi-retirement from logging all sorts of miles and crushing workouts.  Ashlie and I planned on ticking a few states off in our quest to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, notably North Carolina with the Tobacco Road Marathon, and Colorado with theColfax Denver Marathon.  I planned to run these like I ran New Orleans; as a long run, and not try to race them. Read more…

2013 Review – Bitter Sweet (Dave)

2013 ended up being quite a roller coaster year for me as far as my running goes. Plagued by three injuries and sickness during my focus races I was left pretty disappointed at times. In the end everything kind of came together rather unexpectedly. I now have more appetite and motivation for fast times than ever. Read more…
Freezeroo #3 2014 Yuck!

Freezeroo #3 2014 Yuck!

I don’t have a lot to say about the latest Freezeroo.  This is usually the case when I have a bad race.  Give me a good race and I’ll talk about it to incessantly, give me a bad one and I just want to forget it ever happened.  Roadkill Racing as a team did rather well with Dave, Kenny and Matt finishing 1 2 3, but I did rather less well finishing in 6th place over 2 minutes slower than my time last year.

It wasn’t the most pleasant of days, but bad weather doesn’t normally bother me much, it was the persistent cough and the fact that I couldn’t take anything but the shallowest of breaths that was the real problem.  One might ask why I would run a race if I was so sick, and one might mind their damn business.

Anyway, here are the results.

And here are some pictures.

Next up the Hearnish 10kish on January 25th, hopefully I can breath by then.