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Time for Cross Country

Time for Cross Country

The first race of the Pete Glavin Upstate New York Cross Country Series (PGUNYXC) is this coming Sunday at Jamesville Beach in Syracuse, NY.

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A group of us will be leaving from my house (25 Manor Hill Drive Fairport NY 14450) at 8:30 am please let me know if you carpooling with us.

We have 5 runners on our roster for this race.

  1. Josh
  2. Jeff
  3. Brett
  4. Evan
  5. Joe

Remember what you are running for.  Beer & Glory!

Summer Time

Summer Time

Hazel put in some great performances last Friday at the Twilight Track Series in Poughkeepsie, NY put on the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club.  Despite the near 100 degree heat she ran a 50 meter 400 meter double.  There may have been kids under 5 faster than her but there was no one cuter, and certainly no one younger ran the 400 meter dash.

Lisa was there to offer support in her first race of the evening the 50 yard dash. Hazel lined up with the other kids and was ready to “go run tracker!” as she is want to say.


Papa Steve helped pace her to an impressive 400 meter finish.
Hazel with her game face on getting ready to race.

 People are going to think we push Hazel to run, but the fact is she just loves it.  She asks me to take her to the “tracker” almost every day.  She also will not tolorate people walking beside her when she is running, I have been scolded many times to “RUN DAD RUN!”  I don’t know if she will ever be a fast runner and I really don’t care, but I hope she hold on to the enjoyment of being outside and active.

Charlie McMullen Mile Take 4

Charlie McMullen Mile Take 4

Tomorrow is my favorite race of the year, the Charlie McMullen Mile.  I have run it each of the last 3 years and have run it several seconds faster each year.  You can read about the previous runnings here:

2009 4:41 (no race report)

2010 4:36

2011 4:29

Below is a story I submited to the folks at and which they posted under their “I am the mile” section.

Taking Back Life & Health One Mile at a Time

May 25, 2012

Thank you to Joshua Perks for submitting his Most Memorable Mile. We’ve heard that the Mile is the perfect distance and goal to start one’s healthy journey. Take Joshua’s word for it; he’s living testament. Now go out there and get one more PR!

My first real memory of racing a track Mile is in 9th grade, although it was 1600 meters.  Over the next several years I got faster, but I never put my heart into training. By the summer of my junior year I decided to quit and focus my energies on smoking, drinking and hanging out with friends. I didn’t run again for over 10 years.

In the spring of 2002 I was getting ready to turn 28 and decided to take my life and my health back. I quit smoking a pack a day and started running.

The first run was awful.  I did 2 miles in about 18 minutes, but after a few months I was doing 40 miles per week including speed work.  In late July 2002 I ran my first race.  It was a 1600 meter race at the Twilight Track Series in Lagrange, NY on the same track I had run my first ‘mile’ race more than 12 years before. I ran 5:15 and it felt incredible.

Immediately I set my mind to breaking 5 minutes, then 4:50 then 4:40. It wasn’t until February of 2003 when I took a trip down to the Armory in New York City for their Thursday Night at the Races that I ran my first actual mile on the track.

Then on June 12th, 2009 I ran the Charlie McMullen Mile in Rochester, NY, my first outdoor Mile, finishing in 4:41.  I returned in 2010 running 4:34 and then in 2011 I finally cracked the 4:30 barrier running 4:29.84.

My first thought as I began my cool down that evening was of the quote from Once a Runner, ‘everyone runs a 4:30 mile in high school.’ I ran my last high school track meet in 1991, but it took 20 years to be like ‘everyone’ else and run a 4:30 Mile.

Now with my 38th birthday fast approaching, and 10 years since I quit smoking I hope to squeeze a few more seconds out of these legs.  I don’t’ know how many years of PR’s I have left in me, but I’m hoping it is at least one.