2018 PGXC Summary (by Lindsay Rynders)

Like many, if not all cross country runners, Fall is my favorite season. Cross country is the main reason for that. I’ve been running cross country since I was in 7th grade. Now, at 26, past seasons seem to all blend together with only major accomplishments or life changes to set them apart. This season was different. This season I was able to run with my Dad on the team. Although he was worried about not being “fast enough,” he quickly found a spot on the team.

The Notorious D.A.D.

The Pete Glavin Cross Country series started off in Newark at Stuart Park, an “iconic course” known for its large hills. It was great to be back with the team and to celebrate afterwards with our traditional Genesee beers. The team collectively put down great times to start the season.

Next, we traveled to Akron Falls for a rainy and muddy 6k. Because the looped nature of the course, it got torn up very quickly. Martha Doody even lost her shoe mid-finishing kick. The Roadkill men’s team finished 2nd place overall.

Mendon Ponds Park came next. it was cold but a beautiful day to race. Mendon Ponds Park is a great place to run, with countless trails. It plays host to many races throughout the year. This year it was also the Masters Championships. The Roadkill master’s women finished in 5th place.

Next, the team traveled to Taughannock Falls for another 6k course. It was a picturesque day to run along the shore of Cayuga Lake and up the gorge of Taughannock Falls. It was difficult not to slow down and enjoy the views. The Roadkill men finished 5th place once again.

Our final race of the season was at the Drumlins Golf Course in Syracuse. It was cold, snowy, icy, and wet. The course was tough because of the lack of footing, but fun in a weird sort of don’t want to do that again sort of way. The number of racers that showed up that morning despite the racing conditions was a true testament to how tough cross country runners are. The men finished the season on a high note, placing in 4th.

While the season has ended, the team looks forward to the upcoming racing year. With Seneca7, the Mighty Mosquito 99, Steve’s Run Down Cancer, and other road and trail races throughout the summer, Roadkillers will be busy until next fall’s Pete Glavin Cross Country series starts again.

The author with her father. The original dynamic duo!

Super Seneca 7 Synopsis (by Ben Young)

On Sunday April 29th, seven members of Roadkill Racing (Matthew Roberts, Ashlie Roberts, Kraig Connor, Lindsay Rynders, Marie Davis, Joel Nowatchik, and Benjamin Young) braved near freezing temperatures, sleet, brutal wind, and 77 miles of running in the Seneca 7 Relay Race. Placed in the fast heat of the Relay, Roadkill got off to a strong start with Matt Roberts. Although the team car lost its “fast heat flag” within five minutes of the race, Roadkill remained determined to stay in the lead pack. The team also overcame Benjamin Young’s fashion faux pas and allowed him to race on the team despite wearing sweatpants (an obvious running no-no) in the first leg.

Ashlie Roberts conquered some massive hills during the relay while Joel Nowatchik, off of his recent Boston Marathon race, ran the most miles out of anyone on the team and did so at a blistering pace. Despite having a cold, Lindsay Rynders passed many other racers on her legs while Marie Davis powered up some long winding roads for Roadkill. Kraig Connor also ran mightily despite the wind resistance of his beard. After taking off his sweatpants, Benjamin Young’s pace greatly sped up and proudly represented Roadkill Racing in his singlet and tights. The team averaged a little over 7 minutes/mile for the entire relay and came in 13th place out of more than 300 teams. Great job team! Splat!

– Ben

2017 PGXC Summary by Mark Saile

Many people are eager for the fall to come. Children enjoy the start of a new school year, many love observing the changing foliage, while others savor fresh apples. Personally, I appreciate all of the aforementioned, however I find that cross country is my favorite fall activity, as I’m sure that most of you share a similar mindset. Roadkill Racing has had the honor of participating in the Upstate New York circuit that honors the late Pete Glavin. Consistently this series has generated great competition and phenomenal fellowship. This year was no exception.

September 10 – To kick off the season, the runners of Roadkill traveled to Clay Central Park in Syracuse to test themselves in the beloved 5000 meters. On the men’s side, Mark Streb and Kraig Connor led the way on a day that was perfect for running; not too hot, with a slight wind. They finished in 18:28 and 18:30 respectively. Ben Young came in shortly thereafter in 20:50. Dan Sackett, and Dave Ferrett rounded out the men’s team as they crossed the line in 22:12 and 23:21. The women also put together a strong first race, as Jennifer Spitzer-Jones traversed the course in 21:29. Erin Caffrey and Lindsay Rynders followed suit by finishing in 24:52 and 25:27. Next came an awesome Roadkill trio of Kim Graffeo, Martha Doody, and Nicole Briggs finishing in 28:52, 29:30 and 29:53. Jeanine Hitchcock completed the women’s team as she ran a 35:26.

September 24 – With one race under their belt, the Roadkill racers looked to show what “Beer and Glory” is all about on a hot day in Akron Falls Park. Much like the temperature, the runners laid down some scorching times in this 6000-meter race. Brett Smith made his season debut for the men, as he was the lone soul to break 22, running 21:29. He was closely followed by Matt Roberts, Mark Streb, Mark Saile and Marcus Gage, whose times were all within 2 minutes of Smith’s. Ben Young and Carl Palmer once again demonstrated Roadkill toughness as they ran strong and completed the challenging course in 25:16 and 25:42. Finally, Dan Sackett and Dave Ferrett closed out the men’s action as they ran 26:28 and 30:01 respectively. The Masters ladies of Roadkill showed that they too embodied the hardiness of a cross country runner as Kim Graffeo, Heather “HBO” Ostrander, and Jeanine Hitchcock crossed the line in 37:02, 39:07, and 45:54. Nicole Briggs was the lone open runner for the women; however she still finished in 39:29.

October 8 – Typically thought as a racing town, Roadkill racing traveled to Watkins Glen for a taste of some true racing. This hilly 6000-meter course crushed the thought of a PR and forced Roadkill to use a tactical race plan. Matt Roberts led the charge as he earned every bit of his 24:39 finish. Roberts was followed by Mark Saile, who finished in 25:17. Not be left out of the fun was Marcus Gage, who as a triathlete is no stranger to grueling races. Gage finished in 26:29. Dan Sackett concluded the men’s fun with his admirable 30:31 finish. For the women, Erin Caffrey picked up right where Sackett left off as she finished in 33:08 to lead the team. Not far behind was Lindsay Rynders who navigated the course in 36:36. Martha Doody, Kim Graffeo, and Jeanine Hitchcock rounded out Roadkill’s showing as they finished in 41:14, 45:01, and 53:47.

October 29 – The Genesee Valley Park course seemed to be more of a trick than a treat as rain and cold added yet another element of endurance to the USATF cross country championships. However, loving adverse conditions and an excuse to have a drink with friends, Roadkill Racing was there and in high spirits. Molly Romano started the open women off with a 6000-meter time of 27:28. Beating her time from Waktins Glen, Lindsay Rynders ran a 29:10, about seven minutes faster. Finally able to make her season debut was Ashlie Roberts, who ran a very respectable 32:45. As usual, the Masters women put together a strong showing, as Davida Graham ran a 31:34 to lead the way. Marie Davis and Martha Doody worked together to earn a 34:24 and 34:41 finish. Turning in a performance almost ten minutes fast than her Watkins Glenn time was Kim Graffeo, who crossed the line in 34:06. Powering their way to a strong finish were Ann Lynn and HBO who ran times of 37:30 and 39:32. The men were tasked with an arduous 8000-meter race on this ugly day. Despite challenging conditions, Brett Smith still ran a 28:54 for the open men. Matt Roberts and Mark Streb each following with great races, running 30:05 and 30:45. For his first Roadkill race of the season, Gavin Jenkins ran a 32:10, having as much fun as his teammates.

November 12 – Sadly all good things must come to end, and the Pete Glavin XC series is no exception. The gentlemen of Roadkill followed a “ladies first” mentality, letting them get the first taste of the FLCC course for the series championship race. Finishing 20th was Molly Romano with a time of 29:29 for 6000 meters. Not far behind was Erin Caffrey in a time of 31:51. Ashlie Roberts crossed the line as the third Roadkill finisher. Finishing within three minutes of one another were Marie Davis, Kim Graffeo, and Ann Lynn. Similarly, Tracy Buttars, Nicole Briggs, HBO, and Jeanine Hitchcock were all within two minutes of each other, completing a tenacious performance by the Roadkill ladies. Matching the women’s pack mentality, the top five Roadkill men each finished within two minutes of each other in the 8000-meter race. Matt Roberts and Brett Long each ran in the 29:40’s finishing 14th and 15th overall. Just missing breaking 30:00 by 0.2 seconds was Brett Smith who finished 17th in the race. Mark Streb was only 50 seconds behind Smith, and Mark Saile finished 27 seconds behind Streb. Not to be excluded from the fun were Kraig Connor, Ben Young, and Grant Barney, who ran 33:41, 35:52, and 37:19 to cap off a very dominant performance by the entire Roadkill team.

Some congratulations are in order to the Masters women who finished 3rd in the series, and to the Open men and women who finished 4th overall in the series. Thank you to everyone who helped make this season successful. Happy holidays and may your winter training go well!

Thanks to Tim Matthews at runnerpics.shutterfly.com for the terrific photos!

Adventures in New England

Finishing the USATF New England 5K Championship
Finishing the USATF New England 5K Championship

I’ve got a busy few months of racing planned this fall, starting off with the just concluded CVS Downtown 5k in Providence, RI which served as the USATF New England 5K Championship. With the USTAF New England 5k Championship done I’m moving on to the USATF New England 10k Championship in Gloucester, MA this coming Sunday. After that it is time for a trip to Western New York for the USATF National Masters 5k Championship on October 1st. Then I’ll take a weekend off from racing before the USATF National Masters 5K Cross Country Championship in Boston, MA on October 15th.

It has been a few years since I’ve done this much racing, and I’m all fired up to compete with my team. On Sunday we won the USATF NE 5k championship (Team Results Individual Results) and have our eyes set on 3 more wins this fall. It is a remarkable experience to run a good race and be the 4th masters runner on my team. It keeps me focused and always striving to get better.