Different types of training methods


Have been busy this summer in Santa Cruz! Believe it or not, I’m in pretty decent shape. Looking forward to getting back to track workouts when I get back to Rochester this weekend.

Forgotten 800m video


I forgot that I shot this video of me running 800 meters at the Twilight Track series in Poughkeepsie, NY on July 9th.  It is not the best shot video in the world, but it was the best I could do without a real tripod or someone to shoot it for me.  Hell the finish line isn’t even in the shot!  I missed breaking my PR but at least I’m not slower than I was at 29, and I did manage to win fairly easily.

10 Ugly Men 5k

This was a hot and miserable race, on what seemed like would normally be a wonderful course.  I know that no one likes to run in the heat and the humidity but with my asthma I just die under those conditions.  It was Hazel’s first race, she was pushed along by our friend Rebecca who ran/walked the course.  Lisa also ran, her first official 5k in a long time and she seems like is going to try and get back in racing shape this fall.

There were so many kids at this race I thought it was a high school cross country race.  I guess they all wanted to get into the music festival for free.  The good thing about 17 year olds and heat is that they don’t know enough to slow down in the heat.  One guy (wearing 5 finger vibrams) was winning the race at 1 mile with a 5:02 split.  He ended up finishing behind me and my crappy 17:14.

What does it say about me that even around other skinny runners I look skinny?  The only really good thing about this day was that I took first in my age group which will move me up to 2nd place in the runner of year standings.  I may even be able to beat Derrick Jones depending on what races he does.  He is faster than me but it is all about picking the right race and I might just be able to do that.

Results Here.