Matthew R.

Accomplishing one of my goals

My name is Matt, although you will often hear people calling me george, which is a nickname from high school that has somehow stuck around. I joined Roadkill Racing in 2011 after losing to both Josh Perks and Mike Insler in consecutive races. I wanted a team that would keep me motivated and fit, and those guys were just faster enough to make me want to work hard to stay with them. I enjoyed the dichotomy of the intense competitiveness of the runners on the team with the informal, laid-back nature of the team itself.

I ran in high school and college for SUNY Brockport, where I was decent but not great. I missed the aspect of being on a team after graduating, so finding a post-collegiate racing team that ran cross country and was small and close-knit was a dream come true.

When the Perks moved out of state, Josh asked me to step in as president of the team. Since then, I have developed a new-found respect for all that he did, and have tried to preserve his legacy of making Roadkill Racing a fun but competitive racing team. I stepped down as president recently to focus more on my family but am still involved as the treasurer and membership coordinator.

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