My name is Brett Smith. I am a Physician Assistant working at Unity Hospital in Greece, NY. I have been running with RKR since 2012.

Running for me started way back in the beginning of high school as an attempt to lose some weight and get in shape for basketball as I was actually on the heavy side. After my unsuccessful efforts to earn more playing time on the court, I decided to pick up track in field my Junior year of high school. After a year of running 400 meter races and hurting my knee doing long jump, I decided to join the XCteam my senior year. Under the expertise of Dr. Carl Johnston as my coach, I grew a deep passion for the sport that continues to this day.

I ran throughout graduate school at Daemen College, a small private school in Buffalo, NY for 5 years. My running career has been blessed by many feats along the way, including setting a collegiate school record for 8K XC  at Daemen and running as an inaugural member of a track and field team.

I  find great joy in running every day that I can and hope to for many more years.

Personal Records:
  • 800m-2:05
  • 1500m- 4:22(2012)
  •  1600m-4:39 (2012)
  • 5000m- 15:54(2013)
  • 8K- 26:22 *PR (2012)
  • 10k 33:14
  • 15K- 55:29 (2014)
  • Half Marathon- 1:15:00(2013)
  • Marathon- TBD Nov 2014