Drew Caffrey

I grew up near Syracuse and ran competitively through high school.  Upon starting college at Geneseo, I decided that I should focus on my course work (Physics/Math) and abandoned the college running career before it started… Over the next decade I primarily focused on graduate degrees and moving up the corporate ladder (currently General Manager of Rochester Precision Optics Commercial Products Division).

In the spring of 2008, I started running again and quickly worked up to running my first marathon in Aug 2009.  I happened to qualify for Boston, so then I had to run another marathon…  During 2009 and 2010, I mixed road racing with a variety of triathlons (sprint, Olympic, and 70.3), but with the birth of my daughter in Sept 2010, I decided to focus on running with my more limited free time.  I now run ~15 races per year of varying distances, including 2-3 marathons per year.  I’m also active with Fleet Feet as a pacer for their training programs and have been a pacer for both the Flower City HM and Rochester Marathon.

I run for fun, fitness, competition, and to keep me sane.  While I love the group long runs, I also truly enjoy my time during solo workouts when it’s just me and my thoughts out on the open road.  I know I’ll never be an elite runner, but I’m typically competitive in my age group and I keep pushing myself to improve.  And if you run with me you’ll likely learn that I love college sports and I’ll coordinate my schedule to be able to watch Syracuse University basketball and football games.