Kenny Goodfellow

Fast Kenny
Fast Kenny

I’m a third-year Ph. D. student who also happens to be a runner.   After a lackluster high school running career and a mediocre college campaign, I decided to continue on and see if there was anything left.  I surprised myself.  Although I race many shorter races year-round, I’m currently in preparation of my fourth marathon of hopefully many more.

Personal Records:
800: 2:11 (2011)
1500: 4:14 (2011)
Mile: 4:44 (2011)
3K: 9:22 (2011)
5K: 15:51 (2013)
10K: 33:32 (2011)
Half-marathon: 1:12:12 (2013)
Marathon: 2:35:31 (2013)