Warming up with Hazel at an MCC race

My PRs are all from my teens and early 20s, so I consider them irrelevant at this point. I’ll focus on what I’ve done recently and what I hope to do soon.

First a bit of background: I have a leg-length difference (of about a half inch) that has led to a few persistent problems with my IT band and SI joint. I often jump on my “core” soap box, but I’ll make it brief this time. Doing core work and gradually increasing my mileage in the last year have enabled me to run and not have persistent pain for the first time in about 10 years. I’m feeling optimistic about the running year ahead. I wanted to include this bit in my bio not to make excuses for why I don’t run faster, but to encourage runners with similar problems. Core can help!

My fastest times in recent/relevant memory are a 21:17 in the 2014 Reindeer Run 5K and a 6:16 McMullen Mile in 2014. I would like to break 21 minutes in the 5K and 6 minutes in the mile this year. The weekly workouts and strides have awakened my legs. I’m never going to be a local runner of note, but I’m excited to see what I can do this year with the Roadkill women’s team. We welcome people of varying abilities and emphasize running one’s personal best, which is exactly the encouragement I need.