Recent (and not-so-recent) Race Results

It’s been a long time since I last posted a team update. But the team has not been slacking; on the contrary, Roadkill Racing has been sowing fear into the hearts of our competitors this summer, with some very impressive results. Since the Lilac 10K in May, we have participated in the following races:

June 5th – 1 Mile Track Championships, where the Open Men and Open Women both placed second!

August 6th – Swain Mountain Race – Jack Broderick, Luke Dunkelberg, and Marie Davis competed, finishing 11th, 13th, and 10th respectively

September 25th – Unlimited Breadsticks Trail Half Marathon – Open Men and Masters Women won, and the Open Women finished second!

The victorious open men’s team at Breadsticks

For the USATF Niagara Grand Prix standings, RKR is placing as follows:

Open Men: 3rd
Open Women: 2nd
Masters Men: 3rd
Masters Women: 2nd

Needless to say, we are all very proud of how our team is doing this year. Congratulations everybody!

In addition, we have welcomed a plethora of new members this year, as well as returning members who had not raced for us a while. In no particular alphabetic order, they are:

Jack Broderick
Alexi Bulloch
Denise Carroll
Alex Chacon
Luke Dunkelberg
Lisa Gardner
Jeanette George
AJ Hameline
Jenna Hanley
Phil Klemmer
Scott Laffer
Jenn Lambert
Lora Marrapese
Jesus Melendez
Lauryn Prindle
Lauren Samar
Cathie Trabucco
Kaye Treanor

Glad to have y’all on our team!

New members Lisa and Denise
New members Jack Broderick and Luke Dunkelberg