Roadkill Racers run rampant at Turkey Trots

Many Roadkill Racers took to the streets on Thanksgiving morning to partake in a pre-gluttony race. There were many great performances at several local races, including:

Race With Grace 10K
Marcus Gage – 36:10 (10th overall, 1st age group)
Jeremy Cook – 38:11 (16th overall, 4th age group)
Ryan Sullivan – 40:14 (29th overall, 4th age group)

Feast of Burden 5-mile
Dave Herbert – 28:06 (1st overall!)

Webster Turkey Trot 4.4 mile
Matt Palmer – 23:25 (9th overall, 1st age group)

Newark Turkey Trot 5-mile
Matthew Roberts – 29:43 (2nd overall, 1st age group)
Daniel Sackett – 36:04 (26th overall, 2nd age group)
Lindsay Rynders – 38:08 (7th overall, 3rd age group)

Hot to Trot 5K
Marie Davis – 25:28 (placing unknown)

Congratulations to all and I hope you enjoyed your extra turkey and pie that you earned!