Roadkill Sponsor: Karma Wellness Water

Roadkill Racing has recently teamed up with Karma Wellness Water! Karma is a company based out of Pittsford, NY, who make vitamin enhanced waters in great flavors. Vitamins break down in water after a while. Their product however, keeps a dried vitamin/flavor powder in the cap, to disperse in the water when you need it, and not before. The beverage gives over 100% of seven essential vitamins, and contains antioxidants, natural ingredients, and great flavors!

Roadkill Racing is excited to partner with this company. Not only are they local, but they provide an excellent product. Running all of these races leaves us thirsty, and our bodies are constantly being broken down. Karma Water will help us stay hydrated, healthy, and supporting a local business. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with them, and look forward to future cooperation!
Make sure to go out and try some Karma Water!

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