Bergen 5k

Early August marks the unofficial start to the Cross Country season with the Bergen 5k. This race serves as the USAF Niagara 5k Championship and race director Eric Boyce pulls no stops with putting together one of the fastest races in New York. The top-60 finishers ALL BROKE 17 MINUTES! This is nearly unheard of for a smallish (365 finishers) local road 5k. So how did the Roadkill racers fair?

The Women


The Bergen 5k was the ladies first scored team outing since formation, and boy was it a great debut! Not only were they able to field two complete teams (3-5 runners with the top 3 scoring), nearly everyone ran a PR! No small feat for an individual let alone an entire team. Leading the way was Molly Romano (20:09) followed by Erin Mahoney (21:42), Ashlie Roberts (21:43), Lisa Perks (21:45) and Lindsay Rynders (22:51) rounding out the first team. Team #2 was lead by newcomer Monique Golossi (22:13) followed by Lynn Gottfried (23:39), Lauryn Recchia (24:11), and Heather Ostrander (26:28). Congratulations to all the ladies on a successful debut!

The Men


Similar to the women’s team, the men had outstanding performances all around. The teams for the men are comprised of 5-8 runners with the top 5 scoring. Missing from the group due to injury were Kenny Goodfellow and David Rappleyea, as well as Brett Smith with illness and Mark Streb who had a prior engagement. These gaps were filled well by some new and young RkR members. Lead by Buffalonian and new member Dan Snitzer (16:08) the men finished 4th overall. The remaining top-5 of veteran Josh Perks (16:17), Mathew Roberts (16:25), newcomers Pete Gratien (16:34) and Adam Staveski (16:34) packed it in nicely fo a team average of 16:24. Andrew Caffrey (18:24) and Joe Williams (18:30) rounded out the team. The newest member, Andy Penner (17:08), finished well running his fastest 5k in quite sometime.

Looking forward to Cross Country as both teams seem poised for success!

Team Results

Full Results


OK maybe it isn’t all the USATF that is broke, but the distance races at this years USATF National Championships really brought into painful clarity what’s wrong with distance racing at the elite level in America.  In case you missed it, and you probably did because it got less than a 1 share, the USATF National Championships were on NBC this weekend.  One of the highlight races was supposed to be the men’s 5000 meters.  A few days prior on Thursday night was the 10,000 which had 25 runners including defending champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Galen Rupp.

Here are the results of that race.

Top 10 at USATF Nationals 10,000 m
Top 10 at USATF Nationals 10,000 m

In case you are wondering the A standard for the 10k is 27:40 the B standard is 28:00 and Galen has run as fast as 26:48 but I’m not going to even bother discussing that race.

The 5000 meter had 18 runners entered.  Half of them didn’t start, mostly because they qualified for the IAAF World Championships in another event like the 10k, 1500 or steeple.  So we were left with a field of 9 runners.  I’m not even going to talk about the issue of the USATF not putting in other qualified runners who were ready and willing to take the place of people who dropped from the race (but you can learn more about that here).

I flipped on the TV just as the race started and was treated to an opening lap of 82 seconds.  No that isn’t a typo, 82 seconds… and it didn’t get any better from there.  This field which includes 2 Olympic medalists, world champions and American record holders in distances from 1500-10k proceeded to treat us to lap after 75 second lap of absolute tedium.  They were running the same pace as the leaders of most of the local road races here in Rochester.  And they didn’t just do this for a lap or two, they came through 2 miles in 10 minutes 22 god damn seconds.  I’ve split 10:13 for 2 miles in a 5k!  They were not taking it easy because of the heat (which wasn’t crazy BTW only 81 degrees at the gun with a 5-10 mph breeze), they were literally jogging.  Just how slow is 5:10 pace for these guys?  To put it in some perspective, 2 of the guys Lagat and Rupp have run 4:40 pace for half marathon.  So 30 seconds slower than the pace they race for back to back to back to back 5k’s.

Lagat leading the charge with 75-80 second laps.

Now I know that the goal of a race is to cross the finish line first.  You don’t get bonus medals for how fast you run or for how much you beat the next guy by.  I also know that 6 of these guys broke 4 minutes for the mile during the last 1 mile of the race.  But as a fan of the sport I don’t care about any of that.  I look at these finish times below and I feel nothing but contempt for these runners.  I want to see excellence, I want to be blow away by their abilities, I want to see that stupid and cliche 110%.  This is America, not some mamby pamby European country were we play 90 minute soccer matches to draws so we can get a point and advance to the next round.

Top 9 (there only were 9) USATF men
Top 9 (there only were 9) at USATF Nationals 5k

In no other professional sport would we tolerate this.  Could you imagine the uproar if 2 NFL teams agreed to not play their starters for the first 3 quarters of the Superbowl so they would be fresh for the last few possessions of the game?  What if Lebron and Tim Duncan walked up and down the court for the first 40 minutes of game 7 of the NBA championships so they could really lay it all out in the final 8 minutes?  And there in lies the problem… this isn’t the Superbowl of running, it isn’t the World Championship, it is nothing but a qualifying round for the top few runners in the country.  They simply don’t care about anything but advancing to the World Championship, and that is fine for the athlete, but not fine for the fans when the USATF is trying to sell this as an important meet that they want us the consumer to buy.  No one is glued to the TV to watch Nadal take on the 124 ranked tennis player in the world at the opening round of the French Open.  And even fewer people want to watch Rupp and Lagat jog around in circles for 10 minutes and 22 seconds before deciding to actually put in some effort.  They should just call it the IAAF World Championship qualifier and spare us all this National Championship garbage.

In many events, and for many athletes the National Championships are a big deal.  Unfortantely elite running might have more of a gap between the people at the top and people at the bottom.  You have guys at the top like Rupp making millions between appearance fees and sponsorships, and then guys at the bottom making nothing off of running.  Even in baseball were some players make $25 million a season, the lowiest rookie is still earning $500k a year.  Some of the atheltes (many to most of the atheltes) participating this past weekend are barely scrapping by working part time jobs (or full time jobs) and training like mad men (or women) in their free time.  To them to win the National Championship would mean everything in the world, but to the top few distance runners it means a bonus from thier corporate sponsor and a ticket to the World Championship.

I would much rather watch (or participate) in a race like the Bergen 5k where not only do our local guys run faster, but they bust their ass doing it.

2012 USATF Niagara Road 5k Championships at Bergen.
2012 USATF Niagara Road 5k Championships at Bergen.

So congrats Lagat and Rupp you are going to Moscow this August.  I’m going to a little town in Western New York to see some true competitors.


Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green 2013

I ran Johnny’s 3 years ago, but haven’t had a chance to run it since.  The course has changed a bit, but it is still a flat fast course with good competition.  3 years ago I finished in 17th place with a time of 28:05.  I managed to drop 1 minute off my time this year, but that only moved me up 5 spots to 12th place.

With the 5k Hospice run gone, Johnny’s is now the second most competitive race in the Rochester area, trailing only the Bergen 5k.  Johnny’s may be as competitive 1-5 but nothing can come close to Bergen’s overall depth (it takes a sub 16 minute performance just to crack the top 25).  As you can see in the video above, Stotan Racing made the trip out from Syracuse and dominated the race from the gun.  They may have gotten quickly away from me, but I had plenty of people to race with all 5 miles including Roadkill teammates Brett, Kenny, Matt and Joe.

Team photo op
Team photo op

I have to give a special thanks to Derrick Jones, who said while passing me shortly after mile 1 “come with us” and so I did, for another mile anyway.  I was settling in to a comfortable pace but he reminded me it was a race and that motivated me to keep pushing the whole way.

I think I might have been frustrating Brett with my pacing.  I kept speeding up and slowing down as I teetered on the brink an aerobic cliff, I’m sure he would have prefered it if I ran steady so he could draft off me on the way back into the wind.

Josh chasing Kenny
Josh chasing Kenny

The last mile of the race I felt like I was running at a dead sprint trying to chase down Kenny and break away from the pack of runners I knew was behind me.  While I was unable to makeup any ground, I was able to hold off the 6 runners within striking distance.

My time of 27:06 is my 3rd fastest ever for a 5 mile race and my fastest for a certified course (although my PR is on a long course).  I won my age group and a bottle of wine plus I picked up 3 points in the RROY standings.  Hopefully I don’t need to use this as one of my top 6 races for the series, but that is largely going to depend on who decides to show up at the rest of the race in the series.

Age Group Winner
Age Group Winner

Race Results.

Bergen 2012

God I hate Internet Explorer.  Spent 45 minute doing the race report then it crashed, for some reason even the drafts werent’ saved.  Don’t have the motivation to write it all up again so I will give the brief summary.

We lost. Here are some pictures followed by the team results and a video.


1. 1:15:20 STOTAN RACING ( 15:04)
1 14:33 Colin Leak 25 Syracuse NY


2 14:44 Chris Burke 22 Tully NY


3 15:10 Jared Burdick 25 Manlius NY


4 15:20 Mark Mendrek-Laske 23 Syracuse NY


5 15:33 C. Fred Joslyn 28 East Syracuse NY


2. 1:19:17 GVH ( 15:52)
1 15:06 Tim Chichester 23 Mount Morris NY


2 15:54 Dan Serianni 21 Rochester NY


3 15:56 Dave Rappleyea 27 Henrietta NY


4 16:05 Jim Derick 47 Big Flats NY


5 16:16 Chad Byler 29 Henrietta NY


6 ( 16:24) Chris Masci 28 Fairport NY


7 ( 16:26) Mark Streb 23 Brockport NY


3. 1:20:43 SYRACUSE TRACK CLUB ( 16:09)
1 15:51 Kevin Collins 40 Liverpool NY


2 15:59 William Hoyne 30 North Syracuse NY


3 16:02 Derek Powers 37 Chittenango NY


4 16:18 Randy Hadzor 25 Syracuse NY


5 16:33 Sam MacKenzie 29 Syracuse NY


6 ( 16:40) Stephen Rathbun 19 North Syracuse NY


4. 1:22:18 SYRACUSE CHARGERS ( 16:28)
1 15:36 Josh Guarino 23 Bergen NY


2 15:42 Nick Guarino 23 Bergen NY


3 15:49 Seth Yernye 24 Angola NY


4 17:23 Chris Popovici 28 Pittsford NY


5 17:48 Josh Schultheis 23 Binghamton NY


5. 1:24:29 ROADKILL RACING ( 16:54)
1 16:18 Kenny Goodfellow 23 Rochester NY


2 16:28 Josh Perks 38 Fairport NY


3 17:03 Brett Smith 22 Ontario NY


4 17:12 Matthew Roberts 28 Fairport NY


5 17:28 Ryan Burke 25 Rochester NY


Full Results