8k XC Championship Day

This years USATF Niagara 8k xc championship will be held on November 18th at Black Creek Park in North Chili.  The race will also be the last race of the Upstate New York XC series which is scored seperately from the USATF portion.  The USATF doesn’t award beer, but they do award the next best thing, cash, which can be easily converted into beer.  Team awards are as follows:

1st Place $250

2nd Place $150

3rd Place $100

The course should be a fast one, but if we get a bunch of rain it might turn into a redux of the Buffalo race.  It is primarly a grass course with a few short portions on dirt trails.

8k Course

Our championship day roster will be:

  • Jeff
  • Josh
  • Kenny
  • Brett
  • Evan
  • Joe

See you all there.