Better late than never – a belated Lilac report

Yes, this post is almost two months late. Life, as they say, finds a way… to keep you busy, that is!

Dang that’s a good looking team!

On May 21st, our fearless team once again lined up in Highland Park for the Lilac 10K, which also served as the USATF Niagara 10K championships. We had a great turnout, and fared well despite stiff competition from the other teams. Led by Trisha Byler and Kenny Goodfellow, the open women’s and men’s teams finished second and third, respectively. Marie Davis headed the women’s second place with a 67.16 age grading, and Dan Sackett led the master’s men to a third place finish with his age-grading of 75.83. Well done everyone!

Team results
Individual results