Wherein our plucky team heads to the track!

The speedy ladies

Roadkill Racing may be most famous for our prowess on the roads and cross country courses, but on June 24th, we made our way to the track at Roberts Wesleyan college for a one-mile race. Astute readers might question if this uncharacteristically short race might be part of the USATF Niagara Grand Prix series, and those astute readers would be 100% correct.

We only fielded open teams (and many thanks to the masters runners who agreed to run open for us), and as usual, faced fierce competition from the other teams vying for the Grand Prix title. The men snuck in a second-place showing, led by Alex Chacon with a blazing time of 4:31.13. The other members included Kenny Goodfellow, AJ Hameline, Matthew Roberts, Dan Sackett, and Scott Laffer.

Not to be outdone, however, the women really stepped up and snagged the first-place position thanks to a speedy group led by Trisha Byler’s blistering time of 5:08.29. Lindsay Piraino, Georgia Tuttle, Inga Simning, Rachel McGarvey, and Erin Caffrey rounded out the victorious team with fast times across the board.

Congratulations to all who toed the line!