Blair’s World Triathlon Championship Race Report

I competed at WTCS Grand Final in Pontevedra, Spain (which is the World Triathlon Championship Series) for Team USA (30-34 age group) on September 24. I qualified for the race last year after podium-ing (7th place I think?) at National Championships in Milwaukee. While out previewing the bike course on Thursday, a parked car opened their driver’s-side door into me/my hand while I was riding at speed.

Thankfully, the only injuries were contained within my hand and I didn’t crash my bike. X-rays showed (2) breaks in the fifth metacarpal and one “displaced volar radial angulated” fracture in the ring finger (basically a full and complete break without breaking through the skin). All medical personnel recommended flying home immediately for surgery…which i was unwilling to do haha.

After speaking to the Team USA doc, we came up with a bracing and pain management strategy that would allow me to swim and pull my brake lever. The Team USA mechanic modified my brakes so I could better regulate speed without causing more damage to my hand. And got approval from the head referee to compete with a small splint on my buddy-taped fingers. 

Anywho, came in 3rd in my age group and 16th overall female. I didn’t expect to do well at all, so just kind of lazied the pace for the swim, but put down the hammer for the bike and run legs. (I figured–I’d trained for 2 years for this race, flew all this way, and i couldn’t really break my hand any more than it already was!). 
Super glad I decided to race 🙂 

Editor’s note: How many people can break their hand, still complete their race, and then say “anywho, I placed THIRD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IN MY AGE GROUP?” This is another prime example of the incredible people we have on this team. Congratulations, Blair, and hope your hand heals in a hurry!