Inga Simning sets TWO world records on live TV!

This post is quite late, but the glory and fame is still real. Inga Simning, one of our amazing women on the team (who you might recall just ran a perfectly-paced debut marathon), also set not one, but two world records last year!

Not content with already having the WR for the most number of pull-ups completed in one minute (39), Inga decided to up the ante by doing 21 pull-ups in a minute, this time with a 20-pound weight on her back! Then, because one world record in a day just isn’t enough someone as awesome as Inga, she went on to smash the world record for most knuckle push-ups completed in a minute shortly after!

Anyone who has ever run or talked to Inga knows she is amazing, and now the whole world knows too. Congratulations, Inga!