Freezeroo #3 2014 Yuck!

I don’t have a lot to say about the latest Freezeroo.  This is usually the case when I have a bad race.  Give me a good race and I’ll talk about it to incessantly, give me a bad one and I just want to forget it ever happened.  Roadkill Racing as a team did rather well with Dave, Kenny and Matt finishing 1 2 3, but I did rather less well finishing in 6th place over 2 minutes slower than my time last year.

It wasn’t the most pleasant of days, but bad weather doesn’t normally bother me much, it was the persistent cough and the fact that I couldn’t take anything but the shallowest of breaths that was the real problem.  One might ask why I would run a race if I was so sick, and one might mind their damn business.

Anyway, here are the results.

And here are some pictures.

Next up the Hearnish 10kish on January 25th, hopefully I can breath by then.