Updates from some Roadkill Racers

Just in case you don’t follow all the Roadkill Racer’s blogs here is what 3 of our runners have been up to lately.

The starting line was there somewhere
Freezeroo’s of yesteryear.

Your body knows more than you do (Kenny)

I’ve learned more and more over the years that training plans should be written in pencil (or at least a spreadsheet on a computer with a working “delete” key).  The body knows how it feels better than any words written on paper do.  This week was one of those weeks that solidified this a little more for me. Read more….

A slight change of plans (Matt)

I have decided to make a slight alteration to my spring plans.  Originally, I wanted to break 16:00 in the 5K this spring, and then enjoy a semi-retirement from logging all sorts of miles and crushing workouts.  Ashlie and I planned on ticking a few states off in our quest to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, notably North Carolina with the Tobacco Road Marathon, and Colorado with theColfax Denver Marathon.  I planned to run these like I ran New Orleans; as a long run, and not try to race them. Read more…

2013 Review – Bitter Sweet (Dave)

2013 ended up being quite a roller coaster year for me as far as my running goes. Plagued by three injuries and sickness during my focus races I was left pretty disappointed at times. In the end everything kind of came together rather unexpectedly. I now have more appetite and motivation for fast times than ever. Read more…