Freezeroo Series Race #1 Report

Ready set go!

Sunday was the first race in the Freezeroo Series hosted by The Greater Rochester Track Club.  The series consists of 6 road races that vary in length from 5k to 8 miles.  Roadkill Racing’s Matt Roberts was the series winner last year, although he wasn’t on our team at the time.    After the first race it is looking promising that a Roadkill Racer can win the series this year.  We had 4 runners in the first race: Matt Roberts, Jeff Bigham, Chanse Hunferford and me.

Jeff winning the race

Jeff took off grab the lead right from the start and never looked back.  He cruised to an 18 second win over Nat Lowe of Fleetfeet Racing.

A fuzzy Chanse finishing 3rd

Chanse was the next RKR finishing in 3rd place just under 28 minutes.

Josh chugging in for 4th

I had a rough race, but managed not to cough out a lung on my way to a 4th place finish.

Matt rounding out the top 5
Matt did exactly what he said he was going to do, and ran 5:50 pace on dot finishing in 5th place.
Roadkill Racing finished with 4 runners in the top 5 spots.  It was great to have such a strong showing, a clear carry over from our success on the cross country trails.  One of the many great things about being part of a team is, even if you have a lousy race you can bask in the reflected glory of your teammates.
As always thanks to Rochester Photo Crew for the pictures.