Unlimited Breadsticks

Another better late than never post here. September 24th, 2023 was the Unlimited Breadsticks Half Marathon, serving as the USATF Niagara championships. RKR did very well in 2022 (Open Men and Masters Women won, with the Open Women finishing second), and we looked to equal or improve on that standing this year.

Proving that the previous result was no fluke, the Open Women fought gamely and emerged victorious over Bergen Elite, while the Open Men snagged second place behind Bergen. The Masters Women ran well to finish second behind Checkers.

Our top individuals were Trisha Byler, who won the women’s race, Jack Broderick for the Open Men in 5th, Dan Sackett whose 2:03 age-graded at 58.96%, and Julia Varble whose 2:07 earned her an age grading of 65.1%. Congratulations to a great race!