McQuiad Invitational 2014

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words (and they say writing using clichés is lazy writing) either way here are some pictures from the 50th Annual McQuaid Invitational.

After the most confusing, injury/illness, roster juggling, USATF rule sorting week I’ve ever had Roadkill managed in the end to put together 4 teams for the McQuaid Invitational. Part of the problem is this race tries to be too many things. It is scored as an open individual invitational, USATF open championship (team and individual) and as a PGXC series race. You can find the various results those scorings below.

Admittedly those are a lot of results to parse so I’ll just give you the highlights (highlight really). The Roadkill women came in 3rd place in the USATF championship edging a GVH team by 1 point. Thier finish earned them $100! 

I continue to be amazed by the growth of our team, both in ability and size. I guess “Beer & Glory” resonates with a lot of people. The women’s slightly different battle cry of “Effort & Ice Cream” seems to be paying off as well. Next up for some of the team is the Syracuse Festival of Races. After that it is back to cross country with meet 3 in Akron Falls.

Edit: Adding some more pictures from the Rochester Photo Crew!