War of the flowers

John S. “I would describe your team’s presence at the Lilac run as ‘Prolific’.”

Eric B. “It was impressive when all the Roadkill people came to the line in a massive group, felt like you guys had your own entrance music.”


I’m running out of superlatives for the Roadkill team. I’ve done my best to chronicle the growth and stand out performances of the team and its runners over the last year. It seems every big race we have more runners doing more great things. The Lilac 10k last Sunday was no exception.

The Lilac 10k once again served as the USATF-Niagara 10k Championship. Last year we had 6 or 7 runners compete and 1 women’s team. This year we had 33 runners competing on 7 teams. We fielded 2 men’s open, 2 women’s open, 2 men’s masters, and 1 women’s masters team.

lilac2015 (37)

Putting all those teams together was no small feat. Worrying about putting the teams together correctly kept me up all Saturday night. Nothing like staying up worrying about something you can’t do anything about to get you ready for a race. It turns out all my worry was for nothing. The teams did as well as I ever could have hoped.

lilac2015 (38)

Our men’s masters teams fared the best sweeping the top 2 spots. (Just don’t tell them they were the only 2 teams.)

1st. 2:01:39 ROADKILL RACING A ( 40:33)
1 39:03 Jamie Hobbs 40 Rochester NY
2 39:42 Joe Williams 42 Canandaigua NY
3 42:54 Joe Haungs 53 Rochester NY
2nd. 2:39:00 ROADKILL RACING B ( 53:00)
1 48:22 Paul Phillips 60 Pittsford NY
2 49:10 Jeffrey Young 46 Bergen NY
3 1:01:28 Rick Ostrander 44 Macedon NY

lilac2015 (7)

The women’s masters team led by age group winner Kerri Brown finished second.

2nd. 2:40:19 ROADKILL RACING ( 53:27)
1 49:29 Kerri Brown 46 Pittsford NY
2 55:04 Heather Ostrander 41 Macedon NY
3 55:46 Kim Graffeo 54 Marion NY
4 ( 56:26) Martha Doody 45 Shortsville NY
5 ( 59:03) Ann Lynn 41 Victor NY

lilac2015 (14)

The 2 women’s open teams faced the most crowded field and finished 4th and 6th despite missing several top runners.

4th. 2:18:49 ROADKILL RACING A ( 46:17)
1 44:38 Arlene Dejoy F 36 Pittsford NY
2 45:44 Molly Romano F 31 Pittsford NY
3 48:27 Lindsay Rynders F 22 Williamson NY
4 ( 52:27) Lynn Gottfried F 35 Fairport NY

6th. 2:37:14 ROADKILL RACING B ( 52:25)
1 48:18 Monique Golossi F 35 Rochester NY
2 54:00 Andrea Hickerson F 35 Pittsford NY
3 54:56 Lauryn Recchia F 28 Fairport NY
4 (1:00:27) Marti Meyers F 53 Henrietta NY

lilac2015 (39)

Our men’s open teams, the ones I was up all night fretting about, had one hell of a day. We put 3 runners in the top 10, and 10 runners in the top 25. Led by David Rappleyea (7th overall), the men’s open A team finished in second place. Derrick Jones (9th overall and 1st masters) led the open B team to a 12 second 3rd place, just edging our GVH’s A team. STC led by a 30:35 2nd place performance by Sam Morse took first place.

2nd. 2:53:43 ROADKILL RACING A ( 34:45)
1 33:47 David Rappleyea M 29 Henrietta NY
2 33:55 Kenny Goodfellow M 25 Rochester NY
3 35:15 Andy Penner M 19 Fairport NY
4 35:23 Adam Staveski M 20 Fairport NY
5 35:23 Mark Streb M 25 Rochester NY
6 ( 35:33) Kyle Dacey M 26 Fairport NY
3rd. 2:58:17 ROADKILL RACING B ( 35:40)
1 33:59 Derrick Jones M 43 Henrietta NY
2 34:40 Joshua Perks M 40 New York NY
3 35:46 Jim Park M 48 Buffalo NY
4 36:55 Matthew Roberts M 30 Williamson NY
5 36:57 Matthew Phillips M 34 Pittsford NY
6 ( 43:54) Blake Landry M 33 Rochester NY
7 ( 57:32) Jason Gottfried M 35 Fairport NY

Age Group Award Results 

Team Award Results

Overall Results

I need to thank each and every member of Roadkill Racing for their hard work and dedication to the team. Seeing all those black and white singlets surrounding me during our prerace meeting and hearing you all scream like lunatics along with me was pure joy. Every time I feel like my legs are about to fall off this coming Sunday at the Buffalo Marathon I will recall that moment and I’m sure it will keep me moving forward!

One final note. A highlight of the race for me was getting to share a beer with overall winner Kip Tisia after the race. It is nice to know, even guys who run sub 30 minutes for 10k still enjoy a cold one after the race. Kip is not only the fastest runner in the area, he is also one of nicest guys you’ll meet. He always has a smile and a hug for my kids and a genuine interest in how other runners did. Congrats on your win Kip and good luck at Buffalo this Sunday.


Racing Around New York

The spring racing season is in high gear. Despite not feeling a bit like spring, Roadkill Racing has been out in force on the Western New York racing scene. After a stellar showing at Johnny’s we headed en mass to Syracuse for the 3rd Annual Syracuse Half Marathon.

A windy 16 degrees at the start. Photo by Sam Maller www.syracuse.com


The Syracuse Half Marathon was our first team scored race of the year. While the Syracuse Track Club proved too much for us to overcome, we did finish in second place with an average time of 1:15 led by David Rappleyea in 1:13:39. Lindsay Rynder lead the Roadkill women in a time of 1:38:05. Juan Martinez led the way for frosty facial hair.

Frosty. Photo by Sam Maller www.syracuse.com



Spring Forward 15k was a bit warmer than the Syracuse Half, but it was much snowier. Kenny Goodfellow led the charge for Roadkill Racing followed by Kerri Brown. The rest of the team decided enough was enough and we couldn’t bring ourselves to race in the snow again.

More Cold. Photo by Kim Smith



Two intrepid racers, Dave Rappleyea and Derrick Jones traveled down to Binghamton to race in the Forks XV (15K).

Dave running away from the field.
Dave running away from the field.

Dave and Derrick finished 1st and 5th. Dave won the race by 2 minutes and Derrick beat the next masters runner by over 5 minutes. The local paper did a nice story on our men’s team captain.

Press & Sun-Bulletin story


Next up is Daniel’s Race. Hope to see many of you there!

Roadkill Rebirth of Slick (AKA Cool Like Dat, AKA PGXC Series 2014)

I have been struggling to write this post. I am torn between my excitement for how much the team has grown, how hard everyone competed all season and the final results. There were so many positives for Roadkill Racing this fall and I want to make sure I celebrate and share them all without tainting them with my own unrealistic expectations. So let me get the unrealistic expectations out of the way then we can move on to the celebrating of everyone’s accomplishments.

The Roadkill Masters team finished second to GVH in the series scoring after leading in points the first 4 races. We actually ended up tied in points because of an early season drubbing GVH took, but GVH owned the tie breaker with 3 wins to our 2. Considering I didn’t even think we would have a masters team a week before the season started I should be thrilled we came so close, but perhaps the closeness is what made it such a bitter pill to swallow. I’m proud that we pushed a team that has dominated so thoroughly for so long the brink, and I have high hopes for next season. We have a great team of masters runners and we only look to be better next year.

1st GVH 24 – 2,6,4,6,6
2nd Roadkill  24 – 6,4,6,4,4
3rd High Noon AC 13 – 4,3,3,3
4th Syracuse TC 9 – 3,2,2,2

Our individual masters runners all had a stand out series. With 5 finishing in the top 10 of individual points.

1st Joshua Perks     
2nd Derrick Jones
3rd  Mike Nier
4th Brian Lazzaro      
5th Alex Colvin
6th Joseph Williams
7th Jim Park  
8th Scott Bickham
9th Jamie Hobbs
10th Thomas Mullins

Last year we did not have men’s open team. This year we fielded a team at every race. We returned a few runners from last year (Matt, Drew, Kenny and Brett) added a few new members (Dave, Kraig, Andy, Mark and Dan) and we saw the return of Pete from the injured reserve. This season the open men were lead by Dave Rappleyea who started the season fighting back from injury and raced himself into the top 10 finishing 9th overall in series points. Dave was followed closely (and sometimes led) by Kenny who finished 10th in series points despite running a marathon mid-series.

The team finished 3rd behind STC and GVH, beating out Cornell Running Club and Checkers.

I’ve saved the most surprising team for last. The Roadkill ladies.

As of last March there was no Roadkill women’s team, but under the dedicated leadership of Ashlie Roberts a team quickly coalesced. By the first race in the series the women had done a few months of weekly workouts and were ready to race. By the end of the series 14 women were racing for Roadkill.

The ladies ran hard all fall both in the series races and on the roads with many of them running PR’s in distances from 5k to the marathon. They are fired up for next year and are also on the lookout for a few 40+ year-olds to join Heather on a masters team.

I can’t help but think that it was the addition of the women’s team that helped spur the growth of the men’s open and men’s masters team.

IMG_12147755864520Here’s to a great cross country series and looking toward many more!



Thank You!

I’ll have much more to say about the PGXC Series in a day or two, but I couldn’t wait to say thank you to all my teammates. To field a men’s, women’s and masters team for all 5 races was really incredible and it speaks to the dedication of all of you.

Thank you!

Jim P
Jim W
Joe H
Joe W
Josh W

Individual and Series results can be found here https://pguny.yentiming.com/results/2014/