Membership changes, updates, and benefits!

We are excited to introduce some changes in the requirements for each member, as well as new team benefits.

1) As of 2017, members are not required to join USATF. If you want to run for Roadkill Racing, you only need to pay your membership dues. However, if you are not a USATF member, you cannot score for RKR in championship races (Lilac, Bergen, XC). Anyone who wants to run for us in those races still needs to register for USATF. As an incentive, the team will use winnings from these races to pay the race entry fee for the next championship race. So, if we win money at the Lilac 10K, we can use that to subsidize the entry fee at Bergen or whatever race we do next.

2) We are introducing an internal RKR race series, consisting of the USATF championship races that we do. The top three men and women registered with USATF in the series will win sweet prizes as well as bragging rights. Also, any Roadkill Racing member who runs at least 5 team races will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes as well.

3) Now that our beloved Kenny is tearing up the hills of Pittsburgh, we have a new open men’s captain. Please welcome the one and only Mark Streb as the new captain for the “young bucks” squad! As captain, he will be responsible for wrangling the open men for team races, hosting a few practices, and buying beer for anyone who beats him in races. 🙂

4) Workouts will be starting up the week of February 20th for the Lilac 10K, which is on Sunday, May 21st. As before, we encourage members to get together and run the workout with others. Even if you are doing your own workout, feel free to show up to have some company! Since many people had trouble committing to a dedicated day every week, we encourage you to find others who share your schedule and making plans amongst yourselves.

To summarize, you no longer need to be registered with USATF to run for Roadkill Racing, but being a USATF member enables you to score for us and win team prizes. Mark Streb is awesome, and team practices/workouts start soon! I hope to have another strong showing at Lilac this year; we have had teams place and win awards for the past several years! It is a great way to start off the year with a bang, although I do hope the weather is a little more pleasant this year.

As usual, we have a lot of people running Johnny’s Running of the Green on March 11th, so good luck and run tough to everyone who will be there! This is a fast, flat race with great competition and is a fantastic tune-up race before Lilac.