Premature end to Indoor Track season

Unfortunately, a couple of different forces have compelled me to cut my indoor season short. Shortly after the 5K on December 30, my Achilles tendon flared up, which is an injury that I’ve never experienced before.

It really started to hurt after a tough outdoor track workout at UR with Josh, and then I left for a job conference in Denver, CO the next day. The conference was very hectic, and I spent a lot of time walking between hotels to attend interviews. The Achilles problem made this quite painful during the first two days! These interviews were the first step in my job search for positions for newly minted Economics Ph.Ds, and they will hopefully lead to a number of (more comprehensive) fly-out interviews.

Although my Achilles is starting to feel quite a bit better, my upcoming schedule remains a question mark, so I’ve decided to back off the training until my employment matters are settled (this could be until anytime between late January and late February). In the meantime, I’m going to try to enjoy the Winter with easy mileage and maybe a few long runs when I can fit them in. My long-term plan following the break will include a one-to-two-month long mileage buildup during which I’ll ease back into some good workouts and races. I still need to think about which Spring races on which to focus.