RKR gears up for the USATF Niagara Grand Prix

Roadkill Racing has always made the USATF Championship races a priority in the past. These are terrific opportunities to get everyone together for a puking good time, as well as a chance to win money, which as everyone knows, can be exchanged for goods, such as beer and burgers. Typically, we have had good showings and usually end up top three at these races.

This year, USATF Niagara is changing things up a bit, and turning the series of championship races into a Grand Prix series. Rather than offering prize money at each race, teams will earn points based on their finishing place, and the top three teams with the most amount of points at the end of the series will win money.

The first three races have already occurred, with RKR sitting in third place for both the men and women. With five more races ahead of us, there is ample opportunity for RKR to really show its strength on the roads and trails this year. Wish us luck as we continue to race for beer and glory!