Summer Slog

It is mid-summer so not a whole lot in the way of races going on lately.  Most of the Roadkill Racers have been working on their base mileage while sneaking in a long interval session once a week.  I’ve been enjoying putting in some of my highest mileage weeks in years and even ran 17 mile long runs the last 2 Sundays.

My next race is the Bergen 5k on August 13th.  Bergen normally has a pretty stacked field, last year the 20th runner broke 16:30 and there are normally a few people under 15 minutes.  Chanse, Jeff and I will be racing I think we have a good shot at all of us making the top 20.  It is very unusual to be hoping for a top 20 finish in a local road race when top 5 is normally the goal.