Syracuse Festival of Races 2014

Do you ever wonder why you picked such a hard hobby? Yeah, me too.

Sunday was the Syracuse Festival of Races which once again served as the USA Masters 5 km Championships. Roadkill took a masters team, 2 open runners and poor unattached Derrick Jones who is still serving his time out for having run with GVH.

The Syracuse Festival of Races is in it’s 21st year, and has for many years served as the USATF National Masters 5k Championship. A quick glance through the results shows finishers from: California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland, Florida and many more. If you ever start feeling a bit cocky about dominating your age-group I recommend heading out to this race for a reality check, but only if you’re over 40, the open competition is actually pretty average.

It was a morning of personal records. The flat course, great competition and very good (although slightly breezy) weather propelled 4 of us to certified course Personal Records. Matt (16:17) and I (16:14) have both run faster but never on a certified course, and we both do most of road racing on certified courses so we have a big sample size. Ashlie (21:18 )and Josh Williams (17:36) both ran PR’s as well, certified or otherwise. Derrick continues to cut time from his recent 5k results and finished with a season best 16:24, while Marcus Gage (17:51) and Jim Werven (19:57) had great Roadkill masters team debuts.

Aside from the individual competition the race was also a team competition. Not having Derrick cost us a top 3 finish but we still ran a solid average time of 17:14 and beat the two other clubs in the Niagara region.

1. 47:47 ATLANTA TRACK CLUB ( 15:56)

1 15:40 Chad Newton 44 Pisgah Forest NC
2 15:50 Kristian Blaich 48 Decatur GA
3 16:17 Matthew Whitis 46 Tucker GA
4 ( 16:39) Steve Wilcox 43 Cumming GA

2. 49:38 GARMIN RUNNERS ( 16:33)

1 16:21 Brian Crowley 49 Hillsborough NJ
2 16:27 Mark Zamek 51 Lavellette NJ
3 16:50 Mark Williams 41 Columbia NJ
4 ( 16:55) Gary Rosenberg 43 Morristown NJ
5 ( 19:44) Bill Bosmann 64 Rockaway NJ

3. 50:30 WILLOW STREET AC ( 16:50)

1 16:37 Robert Irwin 41 Guilderland NY
2 16:56 John Stadtlander 49 Clifton Park NY
3 16:57 Volker Burkowski 43 Gansevoort NY
4 ( 17:01) Derrick Staley 55 Ballston Lake NY
5 ( 17:13) Frank Horn 44 Albany NY

4. 51:41 ROADKILL RACING ( 17:14)

1 16:14 Joshua Perks 40 Fairport NY
2 17:36 Joshua Williams 40 Geneseo NY
3 17:51 Marcus Gage 42 Palmyra NY
4 ( 19:57) Jim Werven 48 West Henrietta NY


1 16:41 Mike Nier 49 Rochester NY
2 17:48 Scott Bickham 48 Corning NY
3 18:12 Carl Johnston 49 Pittsford NY
4 ( 19:24) Gary Radford 57 Cicero NY
5 ( 20:25) Bill Beyerbach 59 Rochester NY

6. 54:53 SYRACUSE TRACK CLUB ( 18:18)

1 17:15 Richard Cohen 43 Utica NY
2 18:21 Javier Martinez 43 Baldwinsville NY
3 19:17 Dennis Delaney 50 Syracuse NY

In non-5K related news Kenny Goodfellow ran another in a series of stellar marathons. While we were zipping up and down the streets in Syracuse, Kenny was grinding away through the Southern Tier taking 3rd place in the Wineglass Marathon. His time of 2:33:11 was 2 minutes off his PR, but running into a headwind for 26.2 miles will do that to a man.

Also racing Wineglass was Joe Haungs who finished 4th in the 50+ category with a blazing 3:19:30, 5 minutes faster than he ran at the Rochester Marathon a few weeks ago.

Wineglass Marathon Results

USATF Men’s National 5k Championship Team Results

Syracuse Festival of Races Overall Men’s Results

Syracuse Festival of Races Overall Women’s Results

10 Years 1 Week 6 Days

When you have been running and racing for as long as I have you don’t often get to celebrate a new personal record.  That goes double for the distance your race most often, in my case the 5k.  On October 26th 2003 I ran the Ghostly Gallop 5k in 16:06, here are a list of things I’ve done since that date.

  • Lived in Poughkeepsie
  • Lived in Austin
  • Lived in Pittsford
  • Lived in Fairport
  • Got engaged
  • Got married
  • Had a daughter
  • Had another daughter
  • Got my BA
  • Got my M.Ed
  • Worked at a summer camp
  • Worked at Dell
  • Worked at Best Buy
  • Worked at Pizza Hut
  • Worked at BOCES
  • Bought a house
  • Got a cat
  • lost a cat
  • Got another cat
  • Got another
  • Lost a cat
  • Got another cat
  • Ran 20,000 miles (give or take a few miles)
  • Ran 50+ 5k’s

In short, it has been awhile.  For years I’ve been telling myself I was on the verge of not only running a new 5k PR but of finally breaking 16 minutes.  So many times I was sure one or both of those things was going to happen.  In the last few years I’ve run under 16:30 a dozen times but I’ve never gotten under 16:15.  Staring 40 in the face, I was beginning to think 16:06 was as good as it would ever get for me.

That is until Sunday when Lisa and I ran the Fairport Foundation 5k, a small first year 5k in the village less than a mile from our house.


 Going into this race I hadn’t done a speed workout in almost a month, and my most recent race was 3 weeks earlier at the Finish Strong 5k where I ran a very average 16:27.  Like all the 5k’s I’ve run in the last few years I crashed and burned in the last mile of the Finish Strong after feeling great the first 8 or 9 minutes.  No matter how well my training has been going I can’t seem to find that finishing gear when it counts.  I decided a few weeks ago to stop wearing a watch during my training runs, and I carried that over into this race.  Knowing my pace doesn’t really seem to do me any good, I just spend my mental energy during the latter half a race thinking about time instead of thinking about running.  My goal for the Fairport 5k was to stay relaxed the whole way and not obsess over my time.  I figured with my lack of workouts I would either be very rested or very flat.


 My plan to not obsess about time was thrown off a bit by someone giving out mile splits.  5:05, which is what I usually run the first mile of a 5k and normally I feel pretty good running that pace, this race was no exception.  I tried my best not to dwell on my split and just focused on keeping a quick cadence and tried to think light and fast thoughts during the long out and back stretch along the canal.  The way the course setup the 1 mile and 2 mile markers were only 30 meters apart, so not only did I get my 1 mile split but I heard the 2 mile split as well- 10:20.  My normal reaction to hearing my 2 mile split is “shit now I’ve got to run a 5:xx to break 16:00 minutes” but on this occasion I thought “wow, that is the easiest 10:20 I’ve ever run.”

The last mile, a minute in the lead and closing in on a PR.  This is when not having a watch really paid off.  For some stupid reason during the last mile of a race I’ll start looking at my watch.  I say stupid, because I never race with a GPS watch so what do I expect my watch to tell me?  If I look down and the watch says 14:26, who cares, it isn’t like I know exactly how much distance I have left to the finish, but for some reason I can’t stop looking and worrying about the time.  On Sunday I had no such issues, I just hammered home as hard as I could.


As I turned into the park and ran the final dash across the grass to the finish I could see the clock and knew I was going to run a PR, and I thought just maybe I would break 16 minutes as well.  As I hit the line the clock showed 16:01 but the official time had me at 16:03.  I know what some of you may be thinking… I must be so pissed that I didn’t break 16 minutes.  Well, the truth is I’m really not.  After 10 years 1 week and 6 days I was thrilled to have broken through with a new 5k PR.  Sub 16 might come someday, but for today I am happy to know that I still have some gas left in the tank and on the right day can still run as fast as ever.

As I mentioned earlier Lisa also ran this race.  Trying to squeeze in training with her busy work/life schedule isn’t easy but she has been getting a few runs in a week fairly consistently since early summer and ran a great time on Sunday.  You can see her hammering past the 3rd place woman to seal her top 3 finish.


Full Results Here.

All Photos taken by Mary White

Roadkill Takes on Karknocker 5k

As is fairly typical for this blog, I’ve fallen way behind.  In order to get caught up I’ve decided to post some pictures from the Karknocker 5k. Everything you need to know is in the captions and the results.

Ready Set Go.
Ready Set Go.
Holding on.
Holding on.
Trying hard to breath.
Brett hanging with USATF national class runners.
Brett hanging with USATF national class runners on his way to a 5k PR.

So far behind

I am very far behind on logging all the goings on related to Roadkill Racing.  But this time it isn’t because of laziness, I have a very good reason.

My little ladies.
My little ladies.

I do have a few quick updates.  I ran a new 400 meter PR 56.78 seconds and I am hard at work training for the McMullen Mile after a week off of running for family time.  I’m post some riveting running related items soon I promise!