Let’s say we have two 40 year old men. One spends a year training for the 100 meters so he can compete at the USATF Masters Track Championship. The other spends a year training for the NYC Marathon.

The sprinter goes to the track 5 days a week, and hits the gym another 2 days a week. He does form drills, core work, tons of speed work plyos everything he can to race his best. He spends 10 hours a week training.

The marathoner runs 4 days a week. 3 easy runs of 40-50 minutes and one long run starting at 50 minutes and working up to 2.5 hours. He spends 5 hours a week training.

The sprinter goes to the masters championship and runs 12 seconds flat. An 85% age grade time putting him in the national class.

The marathoner goes to NYC marathon and runs 3 hours 52 minutes. A 55% age grade time putting him in lower than local class.

Who do you think is getting all the love, all the kudos all the likes on Facebook? Who is being celebrated and talked about around the office? Who gets a big medal for finishing? The guy who worked less hard and had the lesser performance that’s who.

Roadkill Around WNY

This past weekend was a busy one for RkR and I’ll start by apologizing for anyone or race that I will surely miss.

Kicking the weekend off right on Friday at the Geneseo Track and Field Friday Knight 5k, Mark Streb won in a time of 16:23. Teammate Josh Williams finished in a new PR of 17:32 to finish 4th overall. Full Results

Next up was the Finish Strong 5k / 15k on Saturday. Matthew Roberts won the 5k handily with time of 16:52. His winning margin was 1 minute and 3 seconds! In the 15k, Kenny Goodfellow cruised to a 51:02 second place finish, also beating the next racer by more than 1 minute!

Results: 5k / 15k

Rounding out the weekend was Andy Penner and myself out in Buffalo for the Lou Reuter Memorial Scholarship Run 5k. I was able to finally knock out a good solo effort by winning in my fastest time since not running due to injury from May 9 – August 9. Starting at a 17:01 on September 7th, down to 16:55 on October 4th, way down to a 16:15 win on October 19th. Needless to say I am quite pleased with my progress and feel that there is a lot more gas in the tank. Andy finished second in a time of 17:29, not a bad result as he has been fighting some serious respiratory illness since McQuaid. Full Results

All-in-all, not a bad weekend of racing for Roadkill Racing!

Back to Back Scarecrow Attack

I’ve raced lots of doubles and even triples at track meets, but somehow in all my years of racing I’ve never raced back to back days. Going into this weekend I had no plans on changing that.

Sunday was the 3rd meet in the PGXC series and Lisa was supposed to take some time to herself  (well herself and some of the other lady racers) while I stayed home with the kids. Even though we have had some very generous babysitting help from people connected to the team, it is nice to go to race without having your attention pulled in many directions. Having no cross country racing responsibilities I figured I would jump into the Safe Journey Scarecrow 5k on Saturday morning. It is a mile away from my house and they had $100 prize money for 1st masters runner.


I shuffled down to the race and put in a pretty solid effort finishing 2nd overall and 1st masters running in 16:26. As an interesting aside I ran 16:28 in 2012 and 16:27 in 2013, if I keep this up I’ll break 16 on the Scarecrow course when I am 67 years old. I got my butt kicked by Kenny Goodfellow who ran a 16:02 only 6 days removed from his 2:33 marathon performance (seriously wtf Kenny). Also in the race were Joe Williams and Joe Haungs (dressed as a Scarecrow). Joe Williams was hoping for a PR but came up just a bit short. He said he wasn’t looking forward to Sunday but thought he could drag himself out to Akron Falls… better him than me.

Later that evening as I was about to sit down for dinner I get an email alert on my phone. Normally I would have waited until after dinner, but I get a little paranoid the day before xc races so I checked it. And as the song goes, just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you (Yes I am aware Joseph Heller put that in a book first). The toll of working several overnight shifts in a row had finally caught up to Joe W and he wasn’t going to be able to race. We only had 5 masters runners including Joe scheduled to run. I’d already scramble to pull in 2 new masters runners for this race Rick Ostrander (pictured below) and Daniel Sackett (who also ran the Wineglass Marathon last weekend).  If the Masters team was to have any chance of winning the series we couldn’t take a 0 for this race, which meant back to back races it would have to be for me.

Rick Saves the Day!
Rick Saves the Day!

We had a 6 man open team and a 7 woman open team also racing, but sorry kids this particular post is all about the masters team. I will give a quick tip of the cap to Dave Rappleyea who seems to be very close to his old racing form and to Lauryn Recchia who ran a 5k PR at Scarecrow and came back to race this meet as well. You can see the results for all the teams at the end of the post.

Now for a quick history lesson. The Pete Glavin XC series is in its 25th season. In 14 of the last 16 seasons and for the past 9 seasons in a row the Genesee Valley Harriers have won the Male Masters Division. GVH has had a stranglehold on the Masters competition in Western NY for a generation, and nothing would make me happier than to break that grip.

Going into the race my hope for the team was to place no worse than 3rd. I had no idea what I had left in my legs, Derrick was fighting a cold, Dan had just race a marathon and Rick was a totally unknown commodity. The only person I knew was going to run well was Josh Williams and he didn’t disappoint, blasting past a GVH master runner in the final meters. No one else disappointed either. Derrick dragged me through the first 5k of the 6k course and held on as the 2nd masters finisher after I moved past him on the final uphill. Daniel edged out GVH’s 5th runner by 4 seconds, and Rick finished with what can only be called a ferocious kick.  After finishing 2nd by 3 points to GVH at the McQuaid race, we were revenged in Akron Falls beating them by 1 point!

More Beer. More Glory. And apples?
More Beer. More Glory. And apples?

We have put ourselves in a good position for the last 2 races. We have a 4 point lead and should have our full complement of masters runners for those final 2 races. I hear GVH is putting out an all points bulletin for wayward masters members for the USATF-Niagara Masters 8K Championship on November 2nd which is also the 4th race in the series. I would be shocked if that race doesn’t come down to a point here or there.  Despite what the GVH coach may be telling people, all we do is not sit around and drink beer.

Men’s Master

Road Kill – 1 16 6,4,6
GVH – 1 12 2,6,4
High Noon AC – 1 7 4,3
Syracuse TC – 1 5 3,2

Men’s Open

Syracuse TC – 1 16 6,6,4
GVH – 1 14 4,4,6
Road Kill – 1 9 3,3,3
Checkers AC – 1 3 1,2
Cornell Running Club – 1 2 2
Syracuse TC – 2 0 0

Women’s Open

GVH – 1 16 4,6,6
Checkers AC – 1 14 6,4,4
Syracuse TC – 1 9 3,3,3
Road Kill – 1 6 2,2,2
Checkers AC – 2 1 1


Overall Women Results Meet #3
Overall Men Results Meet #3
Team Women Results Meet #3
Team Open Men Meet #3
Team Masters Men Meet #3

2013 Genesee Valley Harriers
2012 Genesee Valley Harriers
2011 Genesee Valley Harriers
2010 Genesee Valley Harriers
2009 Genesee Valley Harriers
2008 Genesee Valley Harriers
2007 Genesee Valley Harriers
2006 Genesee Valley Harriers
2005 Genesee Valley Harriers
2004 Checkers AC/Buffalo
2003 Genesee Valley Harriers
2002 Genesee Valley Harriers
2001 Genesee Valley Harriers
2000 Genesee Valley Harriers
1999 High Noon AC/Ithaca
1998 Genesee Valley Harriers
1997 Blade Runners/Batavia
1996 High Noon AC/Ithaca
1995 High Noon AC/Ithaca
1994 Blade Runners-Batavia
1993 Blade Runners/Batavia *
1992 Cats AC/Rochester *
1991 Syracuse Track Club *
1990 Cats AC/Rochester *
* denotes 3 person team

Syracuse Festival of Races 2014

Do you ever wonder why you picked such a hard hobby? Yeah, me too.

Sunday was the Syracuse Festival of Races which once again served as the USA Masters 5 km Championships. Roadkill took a masters team, 2 open runners and poor unattached Derrick Jones who is still serving his time out for having run with GVH.

The Syracuse Festival of Races is in it’s 21st year, and has for many years served as the USATF National Masters 5k Championship. A quick glance through the results shows finishers from: California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland, Florida and many more. If you ever start feeling a bit cocky about dominating your age-group I recommend heading out to this race for a reality check, but only if you’re over 40, the open competition is actually pretty average.

It was a morning of personal records. The flat course, great competition and very good (although slightly breezy) weather propelled 4 of us to certified course Personal Records. Matt (16:17) and I (16:14) have both run faster but never on a certified course, and we both do most of road racing on certified courses so we have a big sample size. Ashlie (21:18 )and Josh Williams (17:36) both ran PR’s as well, certified or otherwise. Derrick continues to cut time from his recent 5k results and finished with a season best 16:24, while Marcus Gage (17:51) and Jim Werven (19:57) had great Roadkill masters team debuts.

Aside from the individual competition the race was also a team competition. Not having Derrick cost us a top 3 finish but we still ran a solid average time of 17:14 and beat the two other clubs in the Niagara region.

1. 47:47 ATLANTA TRACK CLUB ( 15:56)

1 15:40 Chad Newton 44 Pisgah Forest NC
2 15:50 Kristian Blaich 48 Decatur GA
3 16:17 Matthew Whitis 46 Tucker GA
4 ( 16:39) Steve Wilcox 43 Cumming GA

2. 49:38 GARMIN RUNNERS ( 16:33)

1 16:21 Brian Crowley 49 Hillsborough NJ
2 16:27 Mark Zamek 51 Lavellette NJ
3 16:50 Mark Williams 41 Columbia NJ
4 ( 16:55) Gary Rosenberg 43 Morristown NJ
5 ( 19:44) Bill Bosmann 64 Rockaway NJ

3. 50:30 WILLOW STREET AC ( 16:50)

1 16:37 Robert Irwin 41 Guilderland NY
2 16:56 John Stadtlander 49 Clifton Park NY
3 16:57 Volker Burkowski 43 Gansevoort NY
4 ( 17:01) Derrick Staley 55 Ballston Lake NY
5 ( 17:13) Frank Horn 44 Albany NY

4. 51:41 ROADKILL RACING ( 17:14)

1 16:14 Joshua Perks 40 Fairport NY
2 17:36 Joshua Williams 40 Geneseo NY
3 17:51 Marcus Gage 42 Palmyra NY
4 ( 19:57) Jim Werven 48 West Henrietta NY


1 16:41 Mike Nier 49 Rochester NY
2 17:48 Scott Bickham 48 Corning NY
3 18:12 Carl Johnston 49 Pittsford NY
4 ( 19:24) Gary Radford 57 Cicero NY
5 ( 20:25) Bill Beyerbach 59 Rochester NY

6. 54:53 SYRACUSE TRACK CLUB ( 18:18)

1 17:15 Richard Cohen 43 Utica NY
2 18:21 Javier Martinez 43 Baldwinsville NY
3 19:17 Dennis Delaney 50 Syracuse NY

In non-5K related news Kenny Goodfellow ran another in a series of stellar marathons. While we were zipping up and down the streets in Syracuse, Kenny was grinding away through the Southern Tier taking 3rd place in the Wineglass Marathon. His time of 2:33:11 was 2 minutes off his PR, but running into a headwind for 26.2 miles will do that to a man.

Also racing Wineglass was Joe Haungs who finished 4th in the 50+ category with a blazing 3:19:30, 5 minutes faster than he ran at the Rochester Marathon a few weeks ago.

Wineglass Marathon Results

USATF Men’s National 5k Championship Team Results

Syracuse Festival of Races Overall Men’s Results

Syracuse Festival of Races Overall Women’s Results