The month that was

As I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been very busy with all my Christmas shopping and just haven’t had the time to keep up with all the running stuff going on.  Here is the quick rundown.

We ran in the snow, had lots of fun and finished 3rd in every race we ran this season.  It was fun running with High Noon and we wouldn’t have had a xc team without them for most of the races but I hope we can get it together for next year. Season Team Results Final Meet Results.



Hazel ran her first road race, the 1 mile kids Turkey Trot.  If she didn’t have to stop and rebuckle her shoes twice I think she would have finished next to last instead of last! Kids Results.


I did not fair very well post snowy xc 10k. Not to make excuses, but I was worried about how Hazel would do in the cold… OK that isn’t true I knew she would be find and wouldn’t bitch and complain at all unlike most of the adults.  My poor results.



And just in case anyone doubts we are in the midst of a second running boom.  Here are the results from the first year I did the MHRRC Turkey Trot in 2002 (although I did the 25k not the 5 mile) and here are the results for this years Turkey Trot (which was 10 degrees colder). 179 finishers up to 577 finishers in just 11 years, that is over 200% growth for those who need a bit of help with the math.  There were 137 runners who finished in under 8 minute pace this year compared to 68 in 2002.  So it isn’t just a bunch of once a year runners coming out on a Thanksgiving morning.  It is great to see so many people embracing running.  You can look at any of the MHRRC races and see similar growth.  If you factor in how many more races there are in the area each year the numbers are even more impressive.