Bergen 5k

Early August marks the unofficial start to the Cross Country season with the Bergen 5k. This race serves as the USAF Niagara 5k Championship and race director Eric Boyce pulls no stops with putting together one of the fastest races in New York. The top-60 finishers ALL BROKE 17 MINUTES! This is nearly unheard of for a smallish (365 finishers) local road 5k. So how did the Roadkill racers fair?

The Women


The Bergen 5k was the ladies first scored team outing since formation, and boy was it a great debut! Not only were they able to field two complete teams (3-5 runners with the top 3 scoring), nearly everyone ran a PR! No small feat for an individual let alone an entire team. Leading the way was Molly Romano (20:09) followed by Erin Mahoney (21:42), Ashlie Roberts (21:43), Lisa Perks (21:45) and Lindsay Rynders (22:51) rounding out the first team. Team #2 was lead by newcomer Monique Golossi (22:13) followed by Lynn Gottfried (23:39), Lauryn Recchia (24:11), and Heather Ostrander (26:28). Congratulations to all the ladies on a successful debut!

The Men


Similar to the women’s team, the men had outstanding performances all around. The teams for the men are comprised of 5-8 runners with the top 5 scoring. Missing from the group due to injury were Kenny Goodfellow and David Rappleyea, as well as Brett Smith with illness and Mark Streb who had a prior engagement. These gaps were filled well by some new and young RkR members. Lead by Buffalonian and new member Dan Snitzer (16:08) the men finished 4th overall. The remaining top-5 of veteran Josh Perks (16:17), Mathew Roberts (16:25), newcomers Pete Gratien (16:34) and Adam Staveski (16:34) packed it in nicely fo a team average of 16:24. Andrew Caffrey (18:24) and Joe Williams (18:30) rounded out the team. The newest member, Andy Penner (17:08), finished well running his fastest 5k in quite sometime.

Looking forward to Cross Country as both teams seem poised for success!

Team Results

Full Results

Onward to the Jenny Kuzma Bergen Road Race USATF-Niagara 5k Road Championships

Tomorrow will be my 5th Bergen Road Race. Some of the last 4 have gone well and some have gone very poorly.

This year I’ve managed to come down with a cold after spending 10 days at the beach. Which, I suppose is better than coming down with a cold before spending 10 days at the beach. Luckily this year Roadkill Racing has a ton of runners, both men and women, to pick up any slack I might lay down.

Women’s Team

Ashlie Roberts
Lindsay Rynder
Erin Mahoney
Lisa Perks
Molly Romano
Monique Golossi
Lauryn Recchia
Heather Ostrander
Lynn Gottfried

Men’s Team

Joshua Perks
Dan Snitzer
Matthew Roberts
Joe Williams
Andrew Caffrey
Peter Gratien
Brett Smith
Adam Staveski

Good luck to all my fellow Roadkill Racers. Run Tough!

Tentative Cross Country Schedule

I can’t believe this will be Roadkill Racing’s 5th cross country season. I had look back in the archives to double check, but we did indeed start racing as a team in the fall of 2010. Over the past 4 years we have had some big successes, such as winning the whole series in 2011 and some failures, such as having to run as a combined team with High Noon last year. I think we are heading into the 2014 season with one of our strongest teams ever. We also head into the season with a women’s team for the first time which is a testament to how far Roadkill has come since Mike Insler and I first dreamed up the team.

Rob, Mike, Tyle, Travis, Josh, Ryan, Chanse

Below is the schedule for this years series, renamed from the Pete Glavin Upstate New York Cross Country Series to simply Pete Glavin Cross Country (PGXC).  Please plan your fall accordingly!

9/14 Syracuse – Jamesville Beach 5K 11 am
9/27 Rochester – McQuaid Invite 3 miles 5 pm (incl. USATF Niagra Masters)
10/12 Buffalo – TBD 6K 11 am
11/02 Ithaca – TBD 6k 11 am women 8k 12 pm men  (incl. USATF Niagara Championship)
11/23 Rochester – Mendon Park 6k 11 am women10k 12 pm men(PGXC Championship)

Look at me!

Right from the start I want to acknowledge that I have plenty of “hey look at me!” in me. I have a blog after all, the one you are currently reading, which is for the most part about me. Who doesn’t want to standout from the crowd in their own way? No one longs to be one of the shuffling masses.

With that in mind, I pose this question. Does any other sport/activity have the equivalent of the car mileage sticker?


Are there people in beer softball leagues with “.348 avg” stickers? What about “14.2 ppg” stickers for guys who play pickup basketball? Do avid fisherman have “6 LBS Large Mouth” stickers?

What is it about running in particular that makes us want to scream out “HEY LOOK WHAT I DID!!!”?