Calling my shot.

There is some debate as to whether or not Babe Ruth really called his home run shot against the Cubs during the 1932 World Series (The Yanks won of course), but there will be no debate about this called shot.  I will break my 5 mile PR of 27:47 this coming Saturday at the Fleet Feet Firecracker 5 miler.  Now I may not actually set a new PR, but I have without a doubt called it.  I’m going to try a novel approach during this race, I am going to try and run negative splits and aim for a modest 27:30.  I’d also like to win my age group so I can start working my way up the Rochester Runner of the Year rankings.  I am currently in 4th place for my age group, but I think I have a good shot of winning since the person leading my age group is going to win the overall series so he will be pulled out of the 35-39 grouping.  That just leaves 2 people to pass and the only reason one of them is ahead of me is I have only done 3 races to his 4.  Derrick Jones is going to be tough to beat, my only hope is to score 10 points in some of the 5K’s, I don’t think he will do them.  I’m also hoping for a top 10 finish in the overall, much of that will obviously depend on the depth of field for the rest of the races.