Holiday Cheer

Just got back from a few days in Poughkeepsie, visiting family and sharing presents.  Lisa surprised me with a Garmin 405 GPS watch for Hanukkah.   I’m looking forward to using this winter when I can get on the track to do workouts.  I think it will encourage me to do some longer tempo type runs on the road instead of short intervals on the track.

Had a great 8×800 meter workout while I was in Poughkeepsie.  I ran the first 7 intervals in 2:33-2:34 then got a little carried away on the last one and ran a 2:26.  Hopefully it wasn’t to much for my first speed workout since the Turkey Trot 25k.  Next race is the Freezeroo #2 a hilly 7.5 miler at Mendon Pond on January 1st.