Onward to the Jenny Kuzma Bergen Road Race USATF-Niagara 5k Road Championships

Tomorrow will be my 5th Bergen Road Race. Some of the last 4 have gone well and some have gone very poorly.

This year I’ve managed to come down with a cold after spending 10 days at the beach. Which, I suppose is better than coming down with a cold before spending 10 days at the beach. Luckily this year Roadkill Racing has a ton of runners, both men and women, to pick up any slack I might lay down.

Women’s Team

Ashlie Roberts
Lindsay Rynder
Erin Mahoney
Lisa Perks
Molly Romano
Monique Golossi
Lauryn Recchia
Heather Ostrander
Lynn Gottfried

Men’s Team

Joshua Perks
Dan Snitzer
Matthew Roberts
Joe Williams
Andrew Caffrey
Peter Gratien
Brett Smith
Adam Staveski

Good luck to all my fellow Roadkill Racers. Run Tough!