Registration Now Open For Upstate XC Series

Registration is now open for the  Upstate New York Cross Country Series.  You can register online at (the security cert is screwed up so it might not load depending on your browser and settings.)  I tried to contact the site but their contact form doesn’t work either… so maybe it is best to just mail in your registration form .  You’ll save a few bucks using the mail-in form but who the hell wants to write a check find a stamp find an envelope find a mailbox, but what are you gonna do.

It is cheaper to sign up for the whole series as long as you are running all the races (3 or more if a tech shirt is worth $20 to your 4 or more if a tech shirt is worth $5 dollars to you).  Of course that math is only good for the mail-in registration if you have to pay the online registration fees that changes everything.  If you are really lazy and have money to burn you can just sign-up on race day for $20.