RKR gets lucky at the Running of the Green

Roadkill Racing’s bravest turned out in 30-degree temperatures and strong winds on March 16th to partake in the Running of the Green, the unofficial start to the racing season in Rochester. Despite the less-than-optimal conditions, the team saw many terrific performances, as seen below.

Brett Smith – 3rd overall (27:46)
Mark Streb – 6th overall, 3rd AG (28:35)
Matthew Roberts – 16th overall, 1st AG (30:11)
Marcus Gage – 18th overall, 1st AG (30:23)
Joel Nowatchik – 21st overall, 3rd AG (30:37)
Jeremy Cook – 33rd overall, 8th AG (32:01)
Erin Caffrey – 97th overall, 5th AG (35:59)
Ashlie Roberts – 100th overall, 6th AG (36:09)
John Rynders – 158th overall, 14th AG (38:26)
Lindsay Rynders – 178th overall, 9th AG (38:54)
Marie Davis – 434th overall, 18th AG (44:34)
Valerie Vermeulen – 479th overall, 4th AG (45:33)
Martha Doody – 631st overall, 39th AG (48:31)

Above photos by Alex Tong. More photos available from:

Goat Factory Media Entertainment

Tim Matthews