RKR Job Openings

Roadkill racing has 9 members, but as 2 of them live more than 7 hours away and all of us have busy work/school/family schedules we need 2 more runners so we can field a full 8 person team in each of the the 2011 Upstate Cross Country Series.  As of now it looks like we will have the minimum 5 scoring runners for all but the November 6th race in Groton, but it would be great to have a few more people to help displace.  As a reminder, in xc scoring, the overall placement of the first 5 finishers for each team determines the teams score with the lowest total points winning.  Up to 3 more runners for each team can compete and while their place will not be used to deterime their teams score if they finish in front any of the top 5 from another team that will raise the points given to the other team.

If you have any interest in running with us and an make a few of the races listed below use the Contact Form to let me know.