Summerfest 12k Race Report

It feels like ages since I’ve done a report on one of my races.  I don’t have any pictures or video to go with this post, so I will have to use my not inconsiderable descriptive powers to paint the scene for you.

It was morning.

It was raining.

The rain was falling hard.

The rain was falling from the sky.

I was wet.

The other runners were wet.

The guy yelled go.

We all went.

I went fast.

Justin went fast.

I went faster.

I ran 1 mile.

I ran 2 miles.

I ran 3 miles.

I ran 4 miles.

I ran 5 miles.

I ran 6 miles.

I ran 7 miles.

I ran 7.45 miles.

I won the race.

I got won a plaque.

The end.