War of the flowers

John S. “I would describe your team’s presence at the Lilac run as ‘Prolific’.”

Eric B. “It was impressive when all the Roadkill people came to the line in a massive group, felt like you guys had your own entrance music.”


I’m running out of superlatives for the Roadkill team. I’ve done my best to chronicle the growth and stand out performances of the team and its runners over the last year. It seems every big race we have more runners doing more great things. The Lilac 10k last Sunday was no exception.

The Lilac 10k once again served as the USATF-Niagara 10k Championship. Last year we had 6 or 7 runners compete and 1 women’s team. This year we had 33 runners competing on 7 teams. We fielded 2 men’s open, 2 women’s open, 2 men’s masters, and 1 women’s masters team.

lilac2015 (37)

Putting all those teams together was no small feat. Worrying about putting the teams together correctly kept me up all Saturday night. Nothing like staying up worrying about something you can’t do anything about to get you ready for a race. It turns out all my worry was for nothing. The teams did as well as I ever could have hoped.

lilac2015 (38)

Our men’s masters teams fared the best sweeping the top 2 spots. (Just don’t tell them they were the only 2 teams.)

1st. 2:01:39 ROADKILL RACING A ( 40:33)
1 39:03 Jamie Hobbs 40 Rochester NY
2 39:42 Joe Williams 42 Canandaigua NY
3 42:54 Joe Haungs 53 Rochester NY
2nd. 2:39:00 ROADKILL RACING B ( 53:00)
1 48:22 Paul Phillips 60 Pittsford NY
2 49:10 Jeffrey Young 46 Bergen NY
3 1:01:28 Rick Ostrander 44 Macedon NY

lilac2015 (7)

The women’s masters team led by age group winner Kerri Brown finished second.

2nd. 2:40:19 ROADKILL RACING ( 53:27)
1 49:29 Kerri Brown 46 Pittsford NY
2 55:04 Heather Ostrander 41 Macedon NY
3 55:46 Kim Graffeo 54 Marion NY
4 ( 56:26) Martha Doody 45 Shortsville NY
5 ( 59:03) Ann Lynn 41 Victor NY

lilac2015 (14)

The 2 women’s open teams faced the most crowded field and finished 4th and 6th despite missing several top runners.

4th. 2:18:49 ROADKILL RACING A ( 46:17)
1 44:38 Arlene Dejoy F 36 Pittsford NY
2 45:44 Molly Romano F 31 Pittsford NY
3 48:27 Lindsay Rynders F 22 Williamson NY
4 ( 52:27) Lynn Gottfried F 35 Fairport NY

6th. 2:37:14 ROADKILL RACING B ( 52:25)
1 48:18 Monique Golossi F 35 Rochester NY
2 54:00 Andrea Hickerson F 35 Pittsford NY
3 54:56 Lauryn Recchia F 28 Fairport NY
4 (1:00:27) Marti Meyers F 53 Henrietta NY

lilac2015 (39)

Our men’s open teams, the ones I was up all night fretting about, had one hell of a day. We put 3 runners in the top 10, and 10 runners in the top 25. Led by David Rappleyea (7th overall), the men’s open A team finished in second place. Derrick Jones (9th overall and 1st masters) led the open B team to a 12 second 3rd place, just edging our GVH’s A team. STC led by a 30:35 2nd place performance by Sam Morse took first place.

2nd. 2:53:43 ROADKILL RACING A ( 34:45)
1 33:47 David Rappleyea M 29 Henrietta NY
2 33:55 Kenny Goodfellow M 25 Rochester NY
3 35:15 Andy Penner M 19 Fairport NY
4 35:23 Adam Staveski M 20 Fairport NY
5 35:23 Mark Streb M 25 Rochester NY
6 ( 35:33) Kyle Dacey M 26 Fairport NY
3rd. 2:58:17 ROADKILL RACING B ( 35:40)
1 33:59 Derrick Jones M 43 Henrietta NY
2 34:40 Joshua Perks M 40 New York NY
3 35:46 Jim Park M 48 Buffalo NY
4 36:55 Matthew Roberts M 30 Williamson NY
5 36:57 Matthew Phillips M 34 Pittsford NY
6 ( 43:54) Blake Landry M 33 Rochester NY
7 ( 57:32) Jason Gottfried M 35 Fairport NY

Age Group Award Results 

Team Award Results

Overall Results

I need to thank each and every member of Roadkill Racing for their hard work and dedication to the team. Seeing all those black and white singlets surrounding me during our prerace meeting and hearing you all scream like lunatics along with me was pure joy. Every time I feel like my legs are about to fall off this coming Sunday at the Buffalo Marathon I will recall that moment and I’m sure it will keep me moving forward!

One final note. A highlight of the race for me was getting to share a beer with overall winner Kip Tisia after the race. It is nice to know, even guys who run sub 30 minutes for 10k still enjoy a cold one after the race. Kip is not only the fastest runner in the area, he is also one of nicest guys you’ll meet. He always has a smile and a hug for my kids and a genuine interest in how other runners did. Congrats on your win Kip and good luck at Buffalo this Sunday.


Sweeps Week

Every competitive runner eventually learns that winning a race isn’t as much about them, as it is about who shows up.  Unless you are the world record holder someone faster than you can always toe the line.  Some might see this as fatalistic, or dis-empowering but I see it as freeing.  Instead of worrying about things you can’t control you get to focus on the things you can, namely running your own race.

But it is still nice to win a race and it is better still when your team sweeps the top 3 spots.  Even better than that?  What if your men’s and women’s team sweep the top 3 spots of their respective races on the same weekend?  That is pretty damn sweet no matter who else toed the line.

Friday was the debut of the Roadkill Racing women’s team.  Ashlie Roberts, Erin Mahoney and Lisa Perks were the first women to line up wearing their new Roadkill singlets at the Emergency Nurses 5k at Monroe Community College (Drew Caffrey was there too but I’ll get to that later.)

I have no idea what was going on to the right but it must have been pretty funny.
I have no idea what was going on to the right but it must have been pretty funny.

It was a small first year event, but it was well organized and the weather could not have been better.  I have a feeling the other runners were a bit intimated by the Roadkill ladies in their blood red singlets.  Ashlie, Erin and Lisa wasted no time separating themselves from the rest of the women in the field.



Drew Caffrey was at the race representing the Roadkill men, and while he stated before the race his only goal was no to get hurt (he’s running Boston in a week) I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be able to resist going for the win.


Sure enough when the leaders came into view he was right behind the leader, and as they rounded the corner with 100 meters to go he sprinted past Kevin Scheehan to take first place in 18:01.


It wasn’t long before the ladies arrived, all of them finishing in the top 10 overall.

Ashlie finishing 1st in 22:33
Ashlie finishing 1st in 22:33
Lisa finishing 2nd in 22:46
Lisa finishing 2nd in 22:46
Erin finishing 3rd in 23:27
Erin finishing 3rd in 23:27

Taking a break from her own running to cheer on the team

Taking a break from her own running to cheer on the team

 Nurse’s 5k Results Here

Saturday it was the time for some of the Roadkill men to take to the track.  Dave, Kenny and I raced the 10000 meters at the Naz Roc City Classic.  For reasons I do not fully understand in road races we say 5k or 10k but on the track it’s 5000 meters or 10000 meters.  Whether you call it a 10k or 10000 meters when you do it on the track you have to run 25 laps.  This is not nearly as fun as it might sound.

aYes those are 4 women next to me at the start.  The meet has 76 men doing the 1500 and 26 in the 5000, but only 8 in the 10000 so they put the 4 Naz women in with us.

cRunning 25 laps can get a bit confusing.  At some point in the race I lost track of who I was passing and who I was lapping.  This caused me to move into 3rd place without even realizing it sometime during the last mile.


I’m really glad I decided to run this race, but I don’t think I’ll be jumping into any track races longer than 5000 meters again.  It is a mental grind as much as it is a physical one.  One that Kenny fully embraced.  He broke from the small lead pack early and challenged the track record of 32:25 missing it by a mere 3 seconds!  Dave, who was suffering from some lower leg issues in the middle part of the race took second place, closing with an impressive last mile.


I finished in 3rd place completing the Roadkill sweep with a 43 second PR 33:49. All in all it was a hell of weekend for Roadkill Racing.

Naz Results Here

I’m so proud of all my teammates and I’m thankful for Ashlie taking charge and putting our women’s team together.  There is something oddly sexy about seeing my wife in Roadkill singlet, even if she hates the fact is says Beer & Glory on the front.



Bonus footage of Hazel warming up. Look at that focus!

Edge of the World: so long winter racing!

Another winter racing season in Rochester, NY has come and gone.  And once again Roadkill Racing dominated the Freezeroo races.  With the unfortunate ending of the Polar Cats races the Freezeroo is pretty much the only game in town from December through February.  I’ve done pretty well in the series over the years, and so have other members of Roadkill Racing.  Here is break down of the last 4 Freezeroo Roadkill series finishes (out of about 200 male runners).


1st Matt Roberts
13th Joe Williams


1st Jeff Bigham
2nd Chanse Hungerford
3rd Joshua Perks
5th Matt Roberts
18th Joe Williams


1st Kenny Goodfellow
2nd Joshua Perks
3rd Jeff Bigham
5th Matt Roberts
14th Joe Williams


1st Kenny Goodfellow
2nd Dave Rappleyea
4th Matt Roberts
5th Joshua Perks
11th Joe Williams

This years final series results here.

As you can see we have done really well. Next year when our women’s team is fully up and running I expect them to dominate the leader board as well.

I’m not going to give you a blow by blow description of the final race.  Kenny ran like an absolute beast despite the howling wind and Matt finally raced one of these Freezeroos blazing past several runners during a sub 5:30 final mile.  I think the rest of us were just happy to get out of the wind and have a beer.


You can see the 10k results HERE.

Heart felt thanks to the many Greater Rochester Track Club members who put on the races, YellowJacket Racing for keeping accurate time, the various town police for keeping us safe while on the sometimes very busy roads, the Rochester Photo Crew who take nearly all the pictures on this blog, and Running4morefun who does the video.  With out all of you we would just be running around in the cold.

Freezeroo #4 Hearnish 10K(AKA it is really freak’n cold out here)

I don’t expect the Freezeroo races to take place under pleasant running conditions.  After all they take place during the winter in Western New York, and despite global climate change, we do still tend to get some rather nasty winter weather around here.  It seemed last winter the only time the weather dipped below freezing was on the weekends of the 4 final Freezeroo races.  A quick look back on www.wunderground.com showed the following conditions at race time for those races.

Don Curran Memorial 5k: 18 degrees windy and snowing

Hearnish 10kish: 29 degrees and freezing drizzle

Valentines Run: 22 degrees and windy

Churchville 10K: 30 degrees… blizzard

This years Hearnish 10Kish had them all beat with a race time starting temperature of 13 degrees and that is Fahrenheit for all our international readers (-11 Celsius).

Despite the bitter cold Kenny thought it was perfect weather for shorts and a singlet, a decision he was regretting by the time he jogged over to the starting line.

A Chilly Kenny
A Chilly Kenny

The 2 most important things to know about the Hearnish 10k are 1. it isn’t a 10k (it is really 6.44 miles) 2. is has some very steep and long hills.  Just how hilly you ask?  This hilly…

Very Hilly
Very Hilly

I’m not going to give you my usual riveting account of every twist and turn of the race.  In this case I feel there really is no need to go into such detail.  I think it is enough simply say, it was a painful experience.  During the last part of the last big hill I gave serious consideration to walking, it might have been faster than whatever shuffle I was attempting to do.  Sucking in vast quantities of freezing air while shuffling up a 7% grade for half a mile 4 miles into a 10K that is really not a 10k isn’t a whole lot of fun.  When you are doing on the tail end of having a chest cold and needing to catch the person in front of you because they are beating you in the freezeroo standing it is just plain awful.

I’m the little speck.

The picture above is from a little before the last big hill.  Jeff ended up running away with the victory by 35 seconds, I did manage to close to gap a bit on Kenny and finished about 8 seconds behind him.  Extra long warm ups must agree with Matt because he started the day with 3 miles at home 6 miles on the course worth of warm up and was able to break away from Dave Bradshaw to finish in 4th place.

Break away Roberts
Break away Roberts

Joe managed his best finish of the series coming in 12th place.  I’ve never met anyone more excite to run a race no matter the conditions or situation than Joe.  I think we need to elect him Roadkill’s spiritual advisor.

Smilin Joe Williams
Smiling Joe Williams

In spite of all my negativity toward this race, it turned out to be another great showing for Roadkill Racing.  We finished 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 12th.  If it was cross country scoring, us against the field we would have won 22 to 35… not too shabby.  Full Results Here.