Things about running that are true

Here I seek to compile a list of things about running that are true.  Some of obvious, some debatable, most are stolen from other people.  If you have some to add put it in the comments and I will move them to the main list.  Can we get to 100?

  1. When it comes to mileage, more is usually more
  2. Running is not bad for your knees but sitting on your ass is.
  3. It is not 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens
  4. Running burns more calories than walking, or just about any other activity for that matter
  5. Runner’s High is a real thing
  6. You are more likely to die while sleeping than running a marathon
  7. Your co-worker did not in fact run a 3:40 mile during gym class in high school
  8. Track & Field + XC = The most participated high school sport in the country with over 1.4 million students participating annually
  9. If you worry more about your training and less about what your foot is doing when it hits the ground you will get faster
  10. When it is hot you run slower
  11. Nothing makes you a faster runner than running
  12. When running on a quiet road any cars will appear in twos going opposite directions and pass each other at the exact spot you are running
  13. It is the little dogs you have to worry about
  14. Lactic acid is a fuel source
  15. Eating a big plate of pasta (or 2) before a marathon is not carbo-loading
  16. Stretching does not prevent injuries
  17. If it is legal, that pill, powder, or drink probably isn’t making you any faster