Turkey Trotting with the Family

All 4 Perkses raced on Thanksgiving this year. Lisa and I ran the “5 mile” race, Hazel and Roo ran the 1 mile. For reasons known only to the race director all the starting locations were changed along with the race distances. The 5 mile has never been exactly 5 miles it was probably closer to an 8k, but no one cared because the course was so insanely slow anyway.¬†The proper thing to do when changing a 40 year old race course for the sake of “accuracy” would be to have the course certified. Instead 250 meters were¬†added to the course. How the race director came up with this number remains a mystery as did the location of all the new starting lines until a few minutes before the much delayed starts.

I continued my string of bad performances at this race, this time I didn’t even break 29 minutes, but the ladies all did very well.

Slogging through another Turkey Trot.

Lisa and Hazel both ran PR’s and finished 2nd and 3rd in their respective age groups. Lisa’s time of 36:14 is particularly impressive considering the course features 500 feet of climb and was 150-200 meters long this year.

Powering up the first 200 foot climb.
Powering up the first 200 foot climb.

Hazel didn’t meet her goal of beating her cousins (Her cousins are 7 and 10 years old) but she still had a great race and had lots of fun. For her second race in a row she was 3rd place in the 5 and under age group.

5 mile results

1 mile results