When I started Roadkill Racing 2 years ago, the idea was to train hard, race harder and have some fun.  Apparently that was a popular idea.  What started as Mike and I in RKR Felix the Cat singlets racing area road races quickly turned into a 7 man cross country team competing in the Upstate XC Series.  We even managed to win the Buffalo meet and some beer.

We entered our second season with some new members and bigger goals.  By any standard Roadkill Racing’s second season was a resounding success.  We had 10 active runners this xc season and won 3 out of 5 of the Pete Glavin Upstate Cross Country Series races including the championship race on Sunday November 20th.  Although we had all but locked up the series with our 2nd place finish in the 4th race we wanted to make a statement against everyone’s best on championship day.

The Finger Lakes Community College course is a challenging 8K full of twists turns and one giant hill just past the 3 mile mark.  RKR got out to a good start with our top 6 running as a tight block through the first mile.  By mile 2 our pack began to break up as Dan pulled ahead and several of our runners came down with the dreaded side stitch.  While we can’t prove it we suspect foul play (you know who you are!)  Which much grit and determination the afflicted were able to rally in the final mile and finish strong carrying us to victory, glory and free beer.

Championship Day Results 8k here

Final Series Points

Roadkill Racing 26  6,6,4,4,6
Genesee Valley Harriers 19  4,4,6,2,3
High Noon 10  2,6,2
Syracuse Track Club 10  3,3,4