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Get ready to rumble!!

Get ready to rumble!!

Reminder: The Second Ever Roadkill Rash is being held this Saturday at the Brighton High School track. The first event, the mixed 2-mile, starts at 10am, and all following events will be held approximately 5 minutes after the last finisher of the previous event.

The order of events is:

2-mile slog
200 meter sort of quicker slog
longish jump
shot push

Again, no registration is necessary. Just show up a few minutes before 10am to get situated and join in the fun! Event is open to current Roadkill Racing members only, but anyone is invited to spectate and heckle the participants. Come out and compete for awesome swag and bragging rights!

Bergen Road Race Report (Lynn)

Bergen Road Race Report (Lynn)

This was my third time running the Bergen 5k.  I love the energy of this race, and the great performances it brings out in people.  I came into this summer with little mileage under my belt due to a hamstring/lower back problem that surfaced in March. In April, I ran a total of about 30 miles all month as I worked with my chiropractor, Dr. Matt Buffan, to try and fix the problem. In May, my leg started to improve, but I pushed too hard at the Lilac 10k and ended up hobbling into the finish feeling defeated.  Luckily, continued chiropractic treatments, stretching, and strengthening left me feeling good by June.

At that point, I was ready to work hard. I wanted to start working to bring my 5k time back down to where it used to be before having a baby. So, I approached Dave Rappleyea.  Over the next 10 weeks we worked to get me back in shape, increase my mileage, and mentally toughen me up. The goal was to keep improving and have a strong run at Bergen. My training was tough, especially since I hadn’t followed a real plan in about 3 years, but Dave’s guidance kept me focused as well as injury-free. I did 2 workouts a week and peaked at 35 miles. It was the best I have ever felt in a training cycle, and I credit that to my own awesomeness as well as Dave’s!

On race day, I was nervous. But I knew that was a good thing. The weather was good, and I was anxious to run. I was fortunate enough to have Dave run with me, so I didn’t wear a watch and just focused on my running.  The course was different this year, and I definitely missed that nice downhill in mile 2, but it still maintains a lot of the benefits of the old course.  The last 1000m was really tough for me, but, with a lot of encouragement from Dave as well as an older woman on crutches who was yelling at me from the side, I managed to hold it together and not give up! I worked hard the entire race, and ended up running a 22:28, which is my best 5k time since 2012.  It was also great to see so many of my friends run a strong race and get some big PRs.

It was great day. It’s a great race. And I am already looking forward to next year. Sub-20 anyone?





McMullen Mile Report (Mike)

McMullen Mile Report (Mike)

This race went extremely poorly for both of us. We came in with high expectations, myself having PR-ed by 6 seconds in the past two years (4:42 –> 4:36 –> 4:30), and Josh with a similar progression capped off by an impressive 4:29 last year.

At least Josh had an excuse for running poorly...
He had to chase Hazel around the track pre-race


The weather was perfect. Low-70s, slight breeze, partly cloudy. World records have been set on such days. Fortunately, we were looking to run in the 4:20s rather than 3:43. But that didn’t matter because we finished so far from our goal that we may as well have been “going for” sub-4 (or something).


Feeling optimistic
Loud noises, etc.


We came through lap one in 68 seconds. Slow start, but not disastrous.


1209m to go


I was at 2:16 with 809 meters to go. Not good, but all was not yet lost. During laps three and four I made a half-hearted attempt to pass another runner who ultimately beat me by 3 seconds down the stretch.


"Powering" through lap four in a blazing ~70 seconds


I finished in 4:37, Josh in 4:41.


Josh displeased with the result
This picture aptly characterizes my feelings about the race


Following a solid 5K in May, this was a big disappointment. However, it was great to spend a couple days in Rochester and catch up with Josh, Lisa, and Hazel. Results are here and a race video from Boyce is below. We were not fast enough to keep up with the camera.